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This change pushes the trace name and token into the MDC. This means that they can be accessed in async appenders using the normal mechanism - without using the LogbackTraceTokenConverter.

@dpsoft dpsoft commented on the diff Jun 22, 2016
@@ -34,7 +39,12 @@ trait MdcKeysSupport {
private[this] def copyToMdc(traceContext: TraceContext): Iterable[String] = traceContext match {
case ctx: MetricsOnlyContext
- ctx.traceLocalStorage.underlyingStorage.collect {
+ // Add the default key value pairs for the trace token and trace name.
dpsoft Jun 22, 2016 edited Contributor

@dspasojevic @ivantopo I think that instead of using:

val traceTokenKey = "traceToken"
val traceNameKey = "traceName"

private val defaultKeys = Seq(traceTokenKey, traceNameKey)

MDC.put(traceTokenKey, ctx.token)
MDC.put(traceNameKey, ctx.name)

we can use the kamon api like this:

val TraceTokenKey = AvailableToMdc.fromKey("traceToken")
val TraceNameKey = AvailableToMdc.fromKey("traceName")


this is only a idea, please guys WDYT?

dspasojevic Jun 23, 2016

That is fine with me.

It does mean that calling withMdc has the side-effect of modifying TraceLocal's storage though. At the moment, it should return the MDC and TraceLocal storage to the initial state.

dpsoft Jun 23, 2016 Contributor

I see your point, and I think that is a good point :). @ivantopo?


@dpsoft are there any changes that you would like to this PR?

@dpsoft dpsoft merged commit 0a106c8 into kamon-io:master Jul 3, 2016
dpsoft commented Jul 3, 2016

@dspasojevic thanks for proposing this PR!!!! Done.

@dspasojevic dspasojevic deleted the dspasojevic:mdc branch Jul 14, 2016
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