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ivantopo commented Jan 8, 2017

I stripped down the plugin to the bare minimum that provides the functionality we want: be able to run applications with the AspectJ Weaver by default.

The RunWithAspectJ is mostly taken from SBT and tries to keep all functionality that was already there (although, I don't understand much of the reasoning behind those parts of SBT).


@ivantopo looks good to me if this change supports the reload feature of play. Also i think that we need reflect all changes in the Readme.

@@ -14,7 +14,7 @@
* =========================================================================================
-package kamon.aspectj.sbt.runner
+package kamon.aspectj.sbt.runner2
dpsoft Jan 8, 2017 Contributor


ivantopo Jan 9, 2017

Oh, that's a leftover from the refactoring.

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