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Semantic QbE Evaluation on the Flickr Audio Captions Corpus

License: MIT


This code performs the evaluation for the semantic query-by-example (QbE) speech search task described in the paper:

H. Kamper, A. Anastassiou, and K. Livescu, "Semantic query-by-example speech search using visual grounding," in Proc. ICASSP, 2019. [arXiv]

Please cite this paper if you use the code.

The code here only performs the evaluation, i.e. model training is not performed here. The models used in the above paper are very similar to those produced with this recipe.

The Flickr Audio Captions Corpus is available here.

Task and data

Given a collection of utterances, the goal is to find which utterances contain a given search query.

The queries are given in the data/{dev,test}_query_segments.txt files. Each line is

query_key word_type utterance start_time duration

The search utterances are given in data/{dev,test}_search_segments.txt which simply lists the search utterances.

Semantic QbE evaluation is only possible with the test set, so all tuning should first performed using exact QbE evaluation on the development data.


To evaluate a model you need to produce a JSON file of model costs. E.g. the JSON dictionary might look as follows:

    "black_004_2196107384_361d73a170_0_000114-000153": {
        "017_3139876823_859c7d7c23_3": 0.39815978318610645, 
        "020_2393264648_a280744f97_4": 0.34421340893642866, 
        "033_2698666984_13e17236ae_1": 0.40632184740265026
    "ball_005_2813033949_e19fa08805_1_000277-000322": {
        "017_3139876823_859c7d7c23_3": 0.3923965011047507, 
        "020_2393264648_a280744f97_4": 0.3770868000815181,
        "033_2698666984_13e17236ae_1": 0.31047880965214886
    "carrying_007_3498327617_d2e3db3ee3_4_000132-000179": {
        "017_3139876823_859c7d7c23_3": 0.38565353872676705, 
        "020_2393264648_a280744f97_4": 0.4341039992463318,

For each query ID and for each utterance this cost dictionary should give the cost for whether the query occurs in the utterance. Lower means that the model believes the query occurs in that utterance. E.g. if the value of


is very small, then this indicates that the model believes this query (an instance of the word "black") occurs in utterance 017_3139876823_859c7d7c23_3.

After creating the JSON for all queries and search utterances, evaluation can be performed as follows:

./ cost_dict.json


To follow this example, download and extract it in exp/. These are the baseline DTW costs.

Using the example file stored in exp/dtw_costs_test.json, if you run

./ exp/dtw_costs_test.json

you should get the scores

Exact QbE:
EER:  0.3213, avg: 0.3169, median: 0.3167, max: 0.4220, min: 0.2203
P@10: 0.5456, avg: 0.4416, median: 0.4500, max: 0.7537, min: 0.0821
P@N:  0.2487, avg: 0.2106, median: 0.2093, max: 0.3485, min: 0.0790
Semantic QbE:
EER:  0.3865, avg: 0.3939, median: 0.3908, max: 0.4856, min: 0.3119
P@10: 0.4428, avg: 0.3355, median: 0.3410, max: 0.5970, min: 0.0806
P@N:  0.2430, avg: 0.1991, median: 0.1989, max: 0.3271, min: 0.0761
Spearman's rho: 0.1368

which matches the DTW baseline results on the test set in the paper.


Evaluation code for semantic QbE on the Flickr8k Audio Captions Corpus







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