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Spike detectability

What are the limits of spike detectability in GT conditions where we know the waveform(s) we're looking for.


  • For a single channel, compute dot product between the template (average spike waveform) of that channel and each of the individual extracellular GT spikes.
  • For same channel, compute dot product between the template and segments of the recording.
  • Plot the frequency distribution of dot product results in two conditions. Can the distributions be separated?
  • Systematically vary threshold used in each case and plot ROC curve. Outlook: Potential for using generative models + template matching for spike detection.

Spike propagation trajectory across multiple channels

Given a probe insertion close to parallel to the somato-dendritic axis of cortex, is it possible to track spike propagation of a unit across channels?


  • Work out AP spatial spread along D-V axis
  • Map propagation trajectory for different units
  • Analyse features of propagation in space
  • Tie into sub-cellular AP signatures Outlook: Viability of investigating BAPs in vivo; use of multi-channel EAP propagation stereotipy as an added dimension for sorting.

Dark Neurons

What else can we tell about them from this dataset?


  • Analyse EAP and patch spike waveforms and compare to good units at similar distance range Outlook: Further characterisation of dark neurons and their identity.

Synaptic Connectivity

How can we take advantage of a paired-recording dataset to explore analyses for connectivity?


  • Spike sort recordings where whole-cell patch-clamp was achieved and there was a good EAP signature.
  • For every unit in the recording, run STA on the whole-cell unit's membrane potential.
  • For every putative pre-synaptic unit, run STA and obtain extracellular footprint; investigate for AxTPs Outlook: Finding additional signatures for unit-unit connectivity.
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