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After google decided to focus on its core project and shut down the reader, I seeked a replacement. While I found selfoss, I also set out to write my own RSS-reader. Given my notorious lack of time, this is actually quite good...


Given a linux-shell, git and python:

  • Clone from github: git clone <cloneurl>
  • cd into myfeeder: cd myfeeder
  • create a virtual environment: virtualenv .
  • activate the virtual environment: . bin/activate
  • install requirements: pip install -r requirements.txt
  • initialize the db: python syncdb --migrate
  • create a first superuser: python createsuperuser
  • run the webserver: python runserver
  • start your browser and access the webserver as shown in the output from above and append 'reader/' to the url
  • click on the admin-link to log in as your admin-user and add feeds.
  • run the cron-job on the commandline to fetch the feeds: python runjobs hourly

Seems a bit complicated. But its not finished. And its only for me so I don't forget till the next time...