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This is the first public release of ofqf (OSC for Qt4).

The directories contain:

libofqf - The lib itself.

oscqlient - A demo OSC client
oscserver - The corresponding demo OSC server

qtuiobleep - A demo frontend for tuiobleep

= Installation =

Building the lib and the samples is done with calling "scons".

If you want to install lib, headers and pkg-config-file you have to use
"scons install" which installs by default to /usr/local.
To select another prefix you have to use "scons install PREFIX=<dir>".

To uninstall the installed files use "scons -c install" or, if you used
your own prefix, "scons -c install PREFIX=<dir>".

For bugs mail me:

Check for updates and new versions.

Have fun,

Arnold Krille