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Releases: kamranahmedse/driver.js


10 Nov 18:14
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  • Add programmatically destroy to api docs #438
  • Add license to package.json #432
  • Fix error in vite config #416


04 Sep 10:43
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  • Update vite configuration to support ES2019 #422 #416 (Closes #409 and #410)
  • Popover title to support HTML #415 (Closes #414)
  • Fixes wrong type definition for onPopoverRender configuration
  • Add validation on class name 288c7de
  • Upgrade all the dependencies to latest


04 Aug 03:12
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  • Improvements on types exports #384 #386
  • Fixes #389getActiveElement returning old value in popover hooks
  • Fixes #391allowKeyboardControl config not honored
  • Feat #383 — Adds new disableActiveInteraction config to disable interaction with the active element.


23 Jul 23:50
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  • #377 Implemented focus trapping
  • #377 Adds ARIA attributes and use of semantic markup.


05 Jul 14:53
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TL;DR visit the new version at

Driver.js rendering engine has been rewritten from the ground up using TypeScript. It uses a different approach for highlighting elements; instead of playing with the z-index and opening up a pandora box of stacking context issues, it now draws an SVG over the page and cuts out the portion above the highlighted element which means that it can now handle any type of UI. Here are some of the key highlights:

  • Rewritten in TypeScript.
  • Popover is much more intelligent in its placement
  • Supports async steps to allow more dynamic and interactive guides
  • Support for non-element steps (i.e. where you just want to show a popup on screen)
  • Ask for confirmation before exit
  • Support for scrollable elements
  • Allows showing progress during product tours
  • More customizable than ever with more hooks
  • Improved documentation with code samples for usage
  • Popover hooks allow you to have more control over the popover rendering
  • We have a brand new documentation website

Driver.js continues to be light-weight — the gzipped size is 5kb while the alternative libraries start at 12kb gzipped size.

This release will close most of the open-issues and will allow us to expand on the features. Thanks to everyone for their feedback, bug reports, pull requests. Special thanks to @josias-r and his work on boarding.js that inspired the algorithmic rewrite 🙏

Please do reach out if you have any feedback!


14 Jun 13:50
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49f9e85 Updates Dependencies


07 May 11:26
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#150 Fix touch issue


04 Mar 06:22
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Fixes #150 – Error when hiding on an element without popover


19 Feb 20:21
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#134 Adds close button on the single highlight


07 Feb 21:28
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Patch to expose the driver.refresh() method in the build