Chrome Extension - Switch between the opened tabs in the blink of an eye
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Switch between the opened tabs in the blink of an eye. Check Demo


While you are working on something, number of opened tabs can quickly grow out of hand and when that happens trying to find the relevant tab can easily waste a few seconds of your time; and without any doubt every second that harms your productivity counts. TabSwitcher tries to fix this.


  • Apply fuzzy filter over the opened tabs
  • Swiftly switch between the tabs
  • Close any irrelevant tabs during the filter
  • Leave your mouse alone; extension has shortcut for activation, switching tabs, closing them etc


No setup required. Install it directly from the Chrome Webstore


Follow the instructions below

  • Press COMMAND+SHIFT+K or CTRL+SHIFT+K to activate and start typing the keywords to filter tabs

Use command+shift+k or ctrl+shift+k

  • Use Enter key or mouse click to jump to tab
  • Press ; semicolon key to close the selected tab


  • After installing, you will have to refresh the already opened tabs
  • Chrome doesn't allow it on the New Tab or Chrome Web Store pages


  • Activation by shortcut
  • Fuzzy search for tabs
  • Closing tabs
  • Switching tab
  • Ditch jQuery, use plain Javascript plus ES6 with babel
  • Close filtered tabs
  • Pin/Unpin selected tab using shortcut
  • Save current session/selective tabs with name e.g. type >save Session Name to save current session and then >sessions to list all the sessions and restore any sessions
  • Options page, themes and modify shortcuts
  • Tweet any tab using shortcut


  • Fork, enhance, create PR
  • Lock issues with any bugs or feature requests
  • Implement something from the roadmap
  • Spread the word


MIT © Kamran Ahmed