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A set of C# classes that help you work with JSON from services, strings, or objects in a dynamically typed form.

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.JSON is For Winners

.JSON is a group of classes in one file that help you easily work with JSON as a dynamically typed object (myJson.someProperty[0].name), obtained from web services, strings, or anonymous objects.

It's made up of syntactic sugar, spice, and everything nice.

// In controller
public ActionResult Index() {
    dynamic[] repositories = JsonService.GetFrom("").repositories;

    dynamic topRepo = repositories.OrderBy(r => r.watchers).First();

    return View(topRepo);

// In razor file
@model dynamic


<p><a href="@Model.url">@Model.url</a> (@Model.watchers watching, @Model.forks forks)</p>


View the Wiki to learn more about .JSON and why it's awesome.

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