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A GiantBomb API built on top of RestSharp

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GiantBomb C#


  • Fixes issue with search paging (offset vs. page parameter)

API v2 Support

GiantBomb-C# 2.0+ is only compatible with GiantBomb APIv2. Keep using the old packages if you need v1 support, as there are breaking changes in v2!

Notable Changes

  • Search is now MUCH better in GiantBomb's v2 API, there's little to no need for SearchAllGames now unless you expect/want more than 100 results
  • List resources support new sort and filter options
  • All single resource requests must use a resource ID, e.g. "game/3030-33394", which GBCS implements transparently for you
  • Game and Release now have ExpectedReleaseDay
  • Search results now include platforms
  • Game has two new fields:
    • Aliases - newline delimited aliases
    • OriginalGameRating
  • You can now use GetReleasesForGame() to directly retrieve releases for a game in one request
  • Using FastJSON to deserialize, which is... fast, obviously


This library aims to wrap the GiantBomb REST API in C# with strongly-typed models and is built on top of RestSharp.

It also helps make your life easier when dealing with searching because it recursively fetches your search results all at once to enable better sorting.

Note: This is not really needed anymore due to search improvements in APIv2

var giantBomb = new GiantBombRestClient();

// Get all search results
var results = giantBomb.SearchForAllGames("assassin's creed");

// Display
return results.OrderByDescending(g => g.DateAdded)


Download and install the GiantBomb.Api Nuget package:

PM> Install-Package GiantBomb.Api


Read about contributing on the wiki. If you plan to contribute, you must read this.


Read about examples on the wiki.


Dual-licensed on MIT & GPL

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