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Azure and Node.js Bots Workshop

Originally given at MinneWebCon 2018 on April 24.


Workshop Goal

Build a basic bot that accepts a user question, parses it, and returns a response.

We will:

  • Leverage Azure Bot Service
  • Leverage Bot Builder SDK with Node.js
  • Leverage Cognitive Services (LUIS)

Cost and Pricing

We will be using Azure cloud services. There will be a minimal cost to deploy Azure Storage. Storage costs $0.002/GB so we're talking < $1. The rest of the services we'll use are totally free.

If you do not already use Azure, the free Azure account for initial signups provides $200 credit for 30 days and 12 months of access. After that, you will be on the Pay-as-you-Go plan but you can delete the workshop services way before that starts.

From Microsoft:

A phone number, a credit or debit card, and a Microsoft Account username. Credit card information is used for identity verification. You won’t be charged until you upgrade.


  • (Some) JavaScript experience
  • A favorite editor (Recommended: VS Code)
  • Node.js 8+ (node -v)
  • NPM 5+ (npm -v)
  • Azure account


These are estimates. The workshop is designed for 3 hours with room for working through the hands-on tutorials and presenting from the instructor.

00 - Introduction - 15 minutes


  • Who am I?
  • What is a bot? Why would I want to make one?
  • What does Azure provide to make bots?

01 - Hello World - 20 minutes

  • System check!
    • node -v
    • npm -v
  • Sign up for a free Azure account
  • Create a new Web App bot
  • Select F0 pricing (Free!)
  • Bot Template
    • Node.js
    • Language Understanding
  • Standard options for the rest
    • Storage option will cost < $1
  • Test in Web Chat
    • Trouble? Refresh the portal after signing in, seems to make it work better!
  • Trigger the Greeting intent
    • Type hi! or hello

02 - Hello Yourself! - 40 minutes

  • Download the bot locally to your machine
    • Build > Download
    • Extract locally
    • (optional) Add "publish.js" to .gitignore since it contains your SCM password
  • Open folder in an editor
    • Visual Studio Code or your favorite
  • Walkthrough app.js
  • Modify Greeting dialog
  • Publish back to Azure
    • node publish.js

To test bot locally:

  • Download emulator:
  • Get environment variables (Azure Portal -> Bot -> App Settings):
    • Microsoft App ID (MicrosoftAppId)
    • Microsoft App Password (MicrosoftAppPassword)
    • Table storage connection string (AzureWebJobsStorage)
    • LUIS App Id (LuisAppId)
    • LUIS API key (LuisAPIKey)
  • Set environment vars in shell (easiest is to make a script!)
  • Run npm install
  • Run your script or node app.js

03 - LUIS - 45 minutes

  • Log in to (same as Azure account)
  • Overview of Intents, Utterances, Entities, and Conversations
  • Walkthrough LUIS tutorial
  • Train LUIS on Notes
  • Publish changes
  • Publish bot changes
  • Try some variations of "read aloud" to see what works and what doesn't
    • In LUIS -> Review Endpoint Utterances
    • Add the utterances that matched successfully
  • Train and publish LUIS model again
  • Try again

04 - Channels - 15 minutes

  • In Azure portal, look at hooking up bot to a 3rd party service in channels
  • Configure Skype channel (free with Microsoft account)
  • Save the channel
  • Click Skype join link to add bot to contacts

05 - Stretch Goals - 20+ mins


The following resources were used to build this workshop: