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Windows Phone Bowling Calculator

A Windows Phone application that calculates the scores for multiple players in a bowling game.

Created by Kamran Ayub as a production app and to use as a reference on building Windows Phone applications using common patterns & practices.

You can download the Bowling Calculator app by visting the Windows Phone store.

Game in progress


  • Dead simple to use
  • Support for multiple players
  • Supports resuming a game if you leave the app
  • Supports resetting the game or removing all players to start over
  • English and French localization


Please feel free to send a pull request or open an issue for any bugs/enhancements. This app is not meant to track games over time, it's very focused on the use case of calculating a game's score. There are other apps that track games over time or provide stats or more features.



  • Microsoft Visual Studio 2012 or above
  • Windows Phone 8.0 SDK

You will need to create a RESX file under Resources called AppSecrets.resx and add a string property for BugSenseApiKey in order to build. You do not need an actual API key to run locally in Debug mode.


Licensed under MS-PL. See License.

I would kindly ask that you refrain from publishing a derivative app in the store. Instead, please consider contributing back to the project with enhancements or bug fixes.