A .NET library to assist in creating pages to host long running operations in a "console" window
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This library is designed to provide a framework to execute long-running web requests in, such as search index rebuilds, database backups, etc.

There are three primary components:

  • A progress bar that displays task progress
  • A "progress status" text that displays the current state of the progress bar in text
  • A virtual console window where you can write detailed information about the task. The console auto-scrolls.

Quick Installation/Usage

  • Build Kamsar.WebConsole or add the project to your solution
  • Create a new Web Form and change its codebehind to inherit from WebConsolePage
  • Implement required abstract methods
  • During execution of your Process() method, utilize the status updating methods (SetProgress, SetProgressStatus, and WriteConsole/WriteConsoleLine) to follow what you're doing.
  • The page will update status in real-time as your processing runs
  • Note: any controls, markup, or content in the .aspx page will be ignored; the console takes over the rendering process. Only the @Page line is needed.

See also the Kamsar.WebConsole.Samples project for an example of implementation.


This library is licensed under the MIT license. Go nuts.