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## General
- add bash_profile to repo
- look into wemux
- look into ctags and vim-taglist
- rename all _files to .files for proper syntax highlighting in github
- update
- powerline: add vim/shell indicator
## VIM
- improving folding map to avoid nesting folds when using multiple times
- remap keys that have default vim behavior
- remap <Leader> (currently , )
- remap window moving (CTRL-K, CTRL-L)
- remove <f1> mappings
- add python support (and maybe Ruby)
- find good multi cursor plugin:
- vim-multiple-cursors (
- vim-multicursor instead
- remap keys for consistency among plugins:
eg: open in new split for CtrlP, QuickBuf, Ack
- maybe unite.vim ?
- find good code outline plugin
- mabye unite's outline plugin
- auto complete brackets // TODO: find better alternative...these interfere when pasting code
- look into for sensible defaults