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version=$(cat version)
echo "char * const config_version = \"$version\";" > src/kext/version.hpp
make clean build || exit $?
# --------------------------------------------------
echo "Copy Files"
sudo rm -rf pkgroot
sudo mkdir -p pkgroot
sudo mkdir -p "pkgroot/$basedir/tmp"
sudo cp -R src/kext/build/Release/KeyRemap4MacBook.kext "pkgroot/$basedir"
sudo cp -R files/extra "pkgroot/$basedir"
sudo cp -R files/prefpane "pkgroot/$basedir"
sudo cp -R files/scripts "pkgroot/$basedir"
sudo cp -R files/LaunchDaemons pkgroot/Library
sudo cp -R files/LaunchAgents pkgroot/Library
sudo mkdir -p "pkgroot/$basedir/server"
sudo cp src/server/build/Release/KeyRemap4MacBook_server "pkgroot/$basedir/server"
sudo mkdir -p "pkgroot/Library/PreferencePanes"
sudo cp -R "prefpane/build/Release/KeyRemap4MacBook.prefPane" "pkgroot/Library/PreferencePanes"
sudo find pkgroot -type d -print0 | xargs -0 sudo chmod 755
sudo find pkgroot -type f -print0 | xargs -0 sudo chmod 644
sudo find pkgroot -name '*.sh' -print0 | xargs -0 sudo chmod 755
sudo chmod 4755 pkgroot/$basedir/server/KeyRemap4MacBook_server
sudo chown -R root:wheel pkgroot
sudo chmod 1775 pkgroot/Library
sudo chown root:admin pkgroot/Library
# --------------------------------------------------
echo "Exec PackageMaker"
rm -rf $pkgName
sudo $packagemaker -build \
-p $pkgName \
-f pkgroot \
-ds \
-r pkginfo/Resources \
-i pkginfo/Info.plist \
-d pkginfo/Description.plist
# --------------------------------------------------
echo "Make Archive"
sudo chown -R root:wheel $pkgName
sudo tar zcf $pkgName.tar.gz $pkgName
sudo rm -rf $pkgName
tar zxf $pkgName.tar.gz
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