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*flymake.txt* on-the-fly syntax checking
Version: 0.0.1-0
Originally written by Daisuke Ikegami <>
Copyright (C) 2008 Daisuke IKEGAMI
Modified by kana <>
Copyright (C) 2008 kana <>
License: Modified BSD License (same as the original one)
CONTENTS *flymake-contents*
Introduction |flymake-introduction|
Customizing |flymake-customizing|
Functions |flymake-functions|
Bugs |flymake-bugs|
ChangeLog |flymake-changelog|
INTRODUCTION *flymake-introduction*
Flymake is a Vim plugin to perform on-the-fly syntax checking for the files
being edited by using the external syntax checking tool (usually a compiler).
It also highlights erroneous lines and displays associated error and warning
messages. This plugin is a port of 'flymake-mode' for Emacs.
- Vim 7.0 or later.
CUSTOMIZING *flymake-customizing*
To automatically perform flymake, you have to set up |autocommand| like the
followings for each 'filetype' you want to do so:
autocmd BufWritePost <buffer> call FlyMake(..., ..., ...)
autocmd BufWinLeave <buffer> call FlyMakeCloseWindows()
See also |filetype-plugin| included with the package of this plugin.
FUNCTIONS *flymake-functions*
FlyMake({checker}, {err-regexp}, {warn-regexp}) *FlyMake()*
Perform syntax checking for the current buffer.
{checker} is a string to specify the external command to check syntax;
which consists of the format of |printf()|. It must have two '%s':
the former is for a temporary directory, and the latter is for
a program file (without path name)
{err-regexp} is a string to specify the regular expression for error
message. It must have two groupings: the former is a line number for
where the error occurred, and the latter is a message for error
{warn-regexp} is like {err-regexp} but for warning message.
FlyMakeCloseWindows() *FlyMakeCloseWindows()*
Close all windows that show the buffer created by this plugin.
BUGS *flymake-bugs*
CHANGELOG *flymake-changelog*
0.0.1-0 2008-05-21T00:40:18+09:00
- Add the help file of this plugin based on the original README.
- Fix improper code of attached filetype plugins:
- Move to after/ftplugins directory, because they should be loaded
after any other filetype plugins.
- Rename as {filetype}/flymake.vim.
- Remove unnecessary |:set|.
- Modify to avoid doubly sourcing by b:did_flymake.
- Fix the patterns for |:autocmd|. It must be <buffer>.
- Fix several bugs in the global plugin:
- Fix the treatment of fancy buffer name such as "*FlyMakeError*".
- Fix misusage of |buflisted()|.
- ...
0.0.1 2008-05-15
- Original version.