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Add release notes for version 0.0.4

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@@ -472,6 +472,14 @@ BUGS *smartinput-bugs*
CHANGELOG *smartinput-changelog*
+0.0.4 2012-04-07T16:26:23+09:00 *smartinput-changelog-0.0.4*
+ - Add rules for Clojure. Thanks to Bodaniel Jeanes for the feedback.
+ - Add rules for Python-specific string literals such as r'...'.
+ Thanks to Adrian Sampson for the initial rules and the ideas.
+ - Add examples to write custom rules.
+ See |smartinput-customization-c| and |smartinput-customization-d|
+ for the details. Thanks to Guillaume for the feedback.
0.0.3 2012-04-04T21:33:34+09:00 *smartinput-changelog-0.0.3*
- Revise rules for expanding {} and () blocks to indent correctly for
some 'filetype's, especially for PHP. Thanks to Jon Duell for the
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