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[ESC] doesn't leave insert mode #48

jonashaag opened this Issue · 2 comments

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To reproduce: Type {<CR><ESC>. Should now be in normal mode but have to press ESC again to leave insert mode.


Thank you for reporting. I'll investigate it later.


Interesting. The problem is appeared since I fixed an indentation problem about expanding {} block, etc.

According to the :help document about <C-o>:

The CTRL-O command takes you to Normal mode. If you then use a command enter Insert mode again it doesn't nest. Thus when typing a<C-O>a and then <Esc> takes you back to Normal mode, you do not need to type <Esc> twice.

The rules use <C-o>S to reindent blank lines. Since S is a command to enter Insert mode, a<C-o>S<Esc> should leave from Insert mode without extra <Esc>. But Vim doesn't behave so. It acts as if Insert mode is nested.

Furthermore, if a<C-o>S<Esc> is interactively typed by user, it leaves from Insert mode without extra <Esc>. But if a<C-o>S<Esc> is typed via :normal or :map, it requires extra <Esc> to leave Insert mode.

So I suspect that the problem is caused by this problematic behavior of Vim. I'll try to use other methods for proper indentation.

@kana kana closed this in 2de9334
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