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Weight modifier #49

char101 opened this Issue · 2 comments

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Could you add a parameter to the rule definition that can modify the rule weight, such as

{at: '...', 'char': '...', input: '...', 'weight': 5} -> rule weight = 5 + original weight

. This is required because sometimes the number of character in the regexp does not correlate to the specificity of the regexp

For example

\%#} is more specific than \%#\s*}

Thank you for the idea. I know that there are several situations to control the priorities of rules explicitly. But I want to polish the plugin to make it more stable at the moment. So I do no plan to add such a feature soon.

If you still want to control the priorities of rules, add meaningless patterns to at values. For example, use \%#}\ze\ze instead of \%#} to make rules more specific than \%#\s*}.


Okay, thank you for the hint.

@char101 char101 closed this
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