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small update to use github url instead of local path(../) for the mduem submodule.


kana commented Apr 3, 2012

../mduem is an intentional configuration. According to the reference manual of git-submodule(1):

is the URL of the new submodule’s origin repository. This may be either an absolute URL, or (if it begins with ./ or ../), the location relative to the superproject’s origin repository. If the superproject doesn’t have an origin configured the superproject is its own authoritative upstream and the current working directory is used instead.

So that git submodule update --init clones git:// if you git clone vim-smartinput from git://

@kana kana closed this Apr 3, 2012

Ah ok. Stand corrected. It does how ever not work with github as it is not properly linked and that's what my "fix" does.

kana commented Apr 7, 2012

I see. But I have a plan to remove mduem. So I'll never accept this pull request.

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