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vim: surround: Fix a wrong link for this plugin

Recently, links to HTML-version documents of my Vim plugins were added
into the corresponding :help-version documents.  But I didn't care about
the document of "surround".  It is not written in the same format as
other plugins, so it should be left as-is, but I forgot about it.
Revert the change.
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kana committed May 11, 2009
1 parent 3e02936 commit 1c4751f629deabb2ed2d644c9d43d58b80803741
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@@ -268,9 +268,6 @@ CHANGELOG *surround-changelog*
- Fix <Plug>Ysurround and others to be repeatable with a "repeat"
plugin which is one of the followings:
-Document in HTML format:
2008-11-09T03:26:23+09:00 kana <>

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