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vim-textobj-entire - Text objects for entire buffers

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vim-textobj-entire is a Vim plugin to provide text objects (ae and ie by default) to select the entire content of a buffer. Though these are trivial operations (e.g. ggVG), text object versions are more handy, because you do not have to be conscious of the cursor position (e.g. vae).

vim-textobj-entire provides two text objects:

  • ae targets the entire content of the current buffer.
  • ie is similar to ae, but ie does not include leading and trailing empty lines. ie is handy for some situations. For example,
    1. Paste some text into a new buffer (<C-w>n"*P) -- note that the initial empty line is left as the last line.
    2. Edit the text (:%s/foo/bar/g etc)
    3. Then copy the resulting text to another application ("*yie)

See also the reference manual for more details.