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Vim plugin: Text objects for functions
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vim-textobj-function is a Vim plugin to text objects for functions. You can directly target a function (af) or the code inside a function (if). For example,

  • daf to Delete A Function, and
  • vif to Visually select the code Inside a Function.

You can also use aF to target a function with leading or trailing blank lines like ap, or use iF to target just a function like ip. For example,

  • yaF to Yank A Function with leading or trailing blank lines, and
  • viF to visually select a function without leading or trailing blank lines.

The syntax of a "function" is varied for each language. So that you have to tell the syntax of a function to vim-textobj-function before editing. By default, the following languages are supported:

  • C language
  • Java
  • Vim script (including vim-vspec-specific syntax)

To support new languages, see:

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