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Update the document about new style custom matcher

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34 doc/vspec.txt
@@ -246,9 +246,37 @@ vspec#call({funcname}, [{arg}, ...]) *vspec#call()*
{arg} is an arbitrary value which is given to the
function corresponding to o{funcname}.
-vspec#customize_matcher({alias}, {function}) *vspec#customize_matcher()*
- Register {function} as a |vspec-custom-matcher| which
- alias is {alias}. {alias} should be snake_case.
+vspec#customize_matcher({alias}, {matcher}) *vspec#customize_matcher()*
+ Register {matcher} as a |vspec-custom-matcher| with
+ a given {alias}. {alias} should be snake_case.
+ {matcher} is a dictionary with the following items:
+ "match" (required)
+ A |Funcref| to determine whether {actual}
+ value matches to {expected} value. It takes
+ 1 or more arguments. The first argument is
+ {actual} value given to |:Expect|, and the
+ rest of arguments are arbitrary {expected}
+ values. It returns true if {actual} value is
+ matched to {expected} value, or false
+ otherwise.
+ "failure_message_for_should" (optional)
+ A |Funcref| to generate user friendly message
+ for failed match with |:Expect|. It takes
+ arguments the same as "match", and it returns
+ a string or a list of strings to describe
+ a failure.
+ "failure_message_for_should_not" (optional)
+ Like "failure_message_for_should", but it is
+ used to generate failure message for
+ |:Expect-not|.
+vspec#customize_matcher({alias}, {function}) *vspec#customize_matcher()-old*
+ Deprecated. Use |vspec#customize_matcher()| instead.
+ This style is remiained for backward compatibility.
vspec#hint({info}) *vspec#hint()*
Tell vspec "hint" information to use useful API to
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