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Makefile exit on error, add QUIET variable.

This will show warnings and errors:
    make QUIET=
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1 parent 78416ce commit d7c9cb6cc672e9fd1d5d3017856a058be61f5978 Joel Martin committed Nov 24, 2010
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3 Makefile
@@ -1,7 +1,8 @@
CFLAGS = -O3 -static
+QUIET = 2>/dev/null
h: h.c
- @a="g++ -fpermissive -includestdlib.h -includestdio.h -O3 -static -Wl,--omagic h.c -oh -DS=M=*d,*d=*c,*c=M -DD=0x0";$$a 2>/dev/null;$$a`nm h|grep qm|sed 's/0 .*$$/1/'` 2>/dev/null; echo "Now run ./h"
+ @a="g++ -fpermissive -includestdlib.h -includestdio.h -O3 -static -Wl,--omagic h.c -oh -DS=M=*d,*d=*c,*c=M -DD=0x0";$$a $(QUIET)&&$$a`nm h|grep qm|sed 's/0 .*$$/1/'` $(QUIET)&&echo "Now run ./h"
rm h

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