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@@ -58,20 +58,42 @@ goal of being fully self-hosting (i.e. ClojureScript-in-ClojureScript).
### Build
-You can rebuild the ClojureScript analyzer, compiler, reader and
-browser bootstrap pieces with a web REPL like this:
+The ClojureScript-in-ClojureScript compiler is compiled using Clojure (i.e. on the JVM).
+First, run `./script/bootstrap` which downloads the necessary dependencies: Clojure, Google Closure Library, Google Closure Compiler, and Rhino. This must be run from the root project directory.
+Next, run `./script/compile` to build the compiler. This might give off some warnings, but that's okay.
+You should now have a functioning ClojureScript compiler at `./bin/cljs`.
+### Usage
+The `./bin/cljsc` script takes a file or project directory containing .cljs files. It creates an `out` folder with your compiled JavaScript. It optionally accepts a second argument with Google Closure Compiler options, although it currently won't work with any optimization mode other than `{:optimizations :none}` (the default).
+After building a cljs project, you will need to copy `./src/cljs/goog.js` into the `out` directory created by compilation if it doesn't already exist there.
+### Examples
+#### Web REPL
+There is a sample project (a web-based REPL) you can build and play with inside the `web` directory.
+It comes with a build script:
cd web
-../bin/cljsc ../src/cljs/webrepl.cljs > webrepl.js
-Now load the `web/jsrepl.html` file in a browser.
+Now open the `web/repl.html` file in a browser.
+#### Node.js REPL
For a REPL in Node.js, build the `src/cljs/noderepl.cljs` code:
cd node
-../bin/cljsc ../src/cljs/noderepl.cljs > noderepl.js
+../bin/cljsc ../noderepl.cljs > noderepl.js
cp ../src/cljs/goog.js out/
@@ -81,6 +103,7 @@ Now use the `run.js` bootstrap code to launch the repl:
./run.js noderepl.js
+#### Node.js compilation/evaluation
For direct *.cljs file compilation/evaluation, build the nodecljs.cljs compiler:

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