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Commits on Aug 27, 2015
  1. @DirectXMan12

    Merge pull request #524 from kanaka/bug/tight-buffer-overread

    DirectXMan12 authored
    Fix buffer over-reads in handle_tight
Commits on Aug 26, 2015
  1. @DirectXMan12

    Fix buffer over-reads in handle_tight

    DirectXMan12 authored
    For performance reasons, the `handle_tight` function skips the
    use of the receive queue API and uses the raw receive queue directly.
    Because of the way that typed array receive queue gets reused, this
    introduced the potential for buffer over-reads.
    To address this, a new function, `rQwhole`, was introduced.
    `rQwhole` simply returns a new view into the receive queue that
    starts at 0 and ends at the current recorded end of the queue.
    `handle_tight` now makes use of this function.
    Fixes #522
Commits on Aug 24, 2015
  1. @DirectXMan12

    Fix bug in non-true-color code

    DirectXMan12 authored
    There was a bug caused by 38781d9
    which prevented color map look-ups sent by rfb.js from working properly,
    since display.js expected a single-item array, and rfb.js sent just them
    item value itself (a number) instead.  This fixes that, and tweaks the
    corresponding test to match that behavior.
  2. @DirectXMan12

    Tests: Fixed bug in displayed assertion

    DirectXMan12 authored
    This `displayed` assertion had a bug that was causing it to not
    actually check anything (it was using obj.length instead of
    data_cl.length).  This fixes that.
  3. @DirectXMan12

    UI: Fix typo preventing reconnect after password

    DirectXMan12 authored
    There was a typo in ui.js preventing the use of the connect button
    after a password was entered.
Commits on Aug 14, 2015
  1. @DirectXMan12

    Merge pull request #488 from kanaka/feature/more-perf-improvements

    DirectXMan12 authored
    Performance Improvements
  2. @samhed

    Only work with integers when panning to avoid getting a blurry image.

    samhed authored
    Also disable image-smoothing to avoid bugs seen on Android which were
    also causing a blurry image while panning.
Commits on Aug 6, 2015
  1. @DirectXMan12

    Skip unnecessary render queue object creation

    DirectXMan12 authored
    This commit skips object creation for the render queue when not
    needed.  Instead of pushing an object onto the queue, and then
    immediately running the result, you call the function directly.
    Then, if the render queue is not empty, an object is created and
    pushed onto the queue.  Otherwise, the functionality is just run
  2. @DirectXMan12

    Fix multi-line assertion messages in test runner

    DirectXMan12 authored
    This commit prevents multi-line error messages from being
    truncated in the local test runner ('tests/run_from_console.js').
  3. @DirectXMan12

    Allow the use of the PhantomJS remote debugger

    DirectXMan12 authored
    This commit adds the '--debugger <port>' option, which triggers
    the PhantomJS remote debugger.  The initial output of the terminal
    when running the debugger gives more information on how to use
  4. @DirectXMan12

    Use Typed Arrays for the send queue

    DirectXMan12 authored
    This commit converts the send queue to use typed arrays, and converts
    message creation functions in 'rfb.js' to create messages directly into
    the socket's send queue.  This commit also removes the separate mouse array,
    which is no longer needed.
  5. @DirectXMan12

    Avoid Creating Small Objects Frequently

    DirectXMan12 authored
    Creating lots of small objects frequently can drastically decrease
    performance.  This commit introduces three fixes which avoid this:
    - Use a preallocated palette and indexed-to-rgb destination Typed Array
      (the destination typed array is currently allocated at `4 * width *
    - Inline `getTightCLength`, which returned a two-item array.
    - Pass RGBX data directly in a Typed Array to the Display, which
      avoids an extra loop, and only creates a new Typed Array View,
      instead of a whole new ArrayBuffer.
  6. @DirectXMan12

    Use Typed Arrays for the Websock receive queue

    DirectXMan12 authored
    **This commit removes Base64 (and Flash) support**
    This commit converts websock.js to used Typed Arrays for the
    receive queue (and tweaks rfb.js to ensure that it continues
    to function, since only Firefox implements
    `%TypedArray%.prototype.slice`).  Base64 support was removed
    to simplify code paths, and pave the way for using Typed Arrays
    for the send queue as well.
    This provides two advantages: first, we allocate a buffer ahead
    of time, meaning the browser doesn't have to do any work dynamically
    increasing the receive queue size.  Secondly, we are now able to pass
    around Typed Array Views (e.g. `Uint8Array`), which are lightweight, and
    don't involve copying.
    The downside is that we initially allocate more memory -- we currently
    start out with 4 MiB, and then automatically double when it looks like
    the amount unused is getting to small.
    The commit also explicitly adds a check to the compacting logic that
    avoids calling the copy functions if `_rQlen === _rQi`.
  7. @DirectXMan12

    Remove unecessarily nested loop

    DirectXMan12 authored
    This commit removes a nested loop in indexedToRGB, converting it into a
    plain loop without multiplication.
  8. @DirectXMan12

    WIP: Switch to Pako for zlib

    DirectXMan12 authored
    This commit introduces an alternate implementation of the zlib
    decompressor based on Pako (
  9. @DirectXMan12

    Fix RFB.js JSHint Errors

    DirectXMan12 authored
    This fixes a couple of JSHint errors in RFB.js caused
    by using `==` instead of `===`.
  10. @DirectXMan12

    Fix up vnc_playback.html and playback.js

    DirectXMan12 authored
    This commit fixes vnc_playback.html and playback.js
    so that they work with the current version of noVNC.
  11. @DirectXMan12

    CI: Switch to Container-Based Travis

    DirectXMan12 authored
    This commit switches the Travis tests over to Travis's new
    container-based infrastructure.  It also tells Travis to
    cache the node_modules directory for faster setup.
Commits on Jul 1, 2015
  1. @samhed

    Merge pull request #499 from samhed/fullscreen

    samhed authored
    Add option to toggle fullscreen mode
Commits on Jun 25, 2015
  1. @samhed

    * Hide the fullscreen toggle button on Safari since alphanumerical

    samhed authored
      keyboard input doesn't work in fullscreen.
    * Force clipping mode in Internet Explorer while in fullscreen since
      scrollbars doesn't work in fullscreen.
  2. @samhed
  3. @samhed
  4. @samhed
  5. @samhed

    Renamed popupStatusPanel to popupStatus and removed the global variable

    samhed authored
    which kept track on if it was open or not (it automatically closes after
    1.5 seconds anyway).
  6. @samhed

    Clarified enableDisableClip (now called enableDisableViewClip) and

    samhed authored
    moved it to where the other clipping functions are.
  7. @samhed
Commits on Jun 24, 2015
  1. @samhed

    Clarify code with regards to the viewport drag functionality

    samhed authored
    * Fixes #502 so that the viewport drag functionality can't get stuck
Commits on Jun 16, 2015
  1. @samhed

    Always show the viewport drag button on touch devices to keep the GUI…

    samhed authored
    … from
    "jumping around". Enable/disable the button instead of show/hide on these
Commits on Jun 12, 2015
  1. @DirectXMan12

    Merge pull request #497 from MOZGIII/MOZGIII-patch-vnc-auto-fix

    DirectXMan12 authored
    Fixed incorrect UI usage and minor updateState params errors in vnc_auto.html
Commits on May 19, 2015
  1. @samhed

    Reverting most of commit cb3e4de. The issue was not related to using …

    samhed authored
    …keyboardinputReset.. the issue was infact a typo which was introduced in 3b8ec46. I must be too tired..
  2. @samhed

    Stop using keyboardinputReset at the start of keyInput

    samhed authored
    * This fixes backspace when using the on-screen keyboard on Android
Commits on May 5, 2015
  1. @samhed

    Update LICENSE.txt

    samhed authored
    Removed old no longer existing vnc.js and added playback.js
Commits on May 4, 2015
  1. @samhed

    Merge pull request #483 from fabian-z/master

    samhed authored
    Make noVNC compatible with Content Security Policies
  2. @fabian-z
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