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Follow symbolic links in

Previously, in, `$HERE` was the directory of `$0`.
However, if `$0` was actually a symlink, `$HERE` would be
wherever the symlink was, which could cause issues (for
example, the script wouldn't be able to local `$WEB` or
`$WEBSOCKIFY` properly).

Now, `$HERE` looks at whatever `$0` points at instead.

Closes #447.
latest commit 2ace90e6d5
@DirectXMan12 DirectXMan12 authored

WebSockets Proxy/Bridge

Websockify has been forked out into its own project. wil automatically download it here if it is not already present and not installed as system-wide.

For more detailed description and usage information please refer to the websockify README.

The other versions of websockify (C, Node.js) and the associated test programs have been moved to websockify. Websockify was formerly named wsproxy.

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