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@DirectXMan12 DirectXMan12 Updated to provide more recent info about token plugins, and include an example custom token plugin. Jan 6, 2016 b3435ea
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@kanaka kanaka Link to target based selection wiki page Sep 28, 2015 e111573
@kanaka kanaka Add initial target config / TokenFile plugin information Sep 28, 2015 24908cf
@tg123 tg123 websockify-nginx-module is now support binary frame Jan 13, 2015 ce7cecf
@jspraul jspraul Updated Compiling Websockify as Windows Executable (markdown) Feb 19, 2014 be0cabf
@kanaka kanaka formatting fixes Feb 19, 2014 6a60ed5
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@kanaka kanaka link typo Apr 23, 2013 8023ff3
@astrand astrand Information about encrypted connections in iOS, follow up on issue #124. Apr 16, 2013 f068603
@kanaka kanaka Python version has multi-target,,Ruby version has binary support Oct 29, 2012 517bca4
@kanaka kanaka Add binary data, combine Hixie 75/76 columns Oct 29, 2012 5aa6e91
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@kanaka kanaka Updated Encrypted Connections (WSS) (markdown) May 16, 2012 3dd5d3d
@kanaka kanaka Updated Encrypted Connections WSS (markdown) May 16, 2012 7ad5dbd
@kanaka kanaka New location for encrypted connection information May 16, 2012 ae0dd0b
@jfluhmann jfluhmann corrected link at end of page for Windows Websockify Service Readme May 11, 2012 f590cd4
@davidw davidw Added a note about 'run once then exit' feature. Apr 13, 2012 6330c77
@kanaka kanaka Cleanup citation. Feb 24, 2012 bd1fd9c
@kanaka kanaka Update Java-Websockify features. Feb 24, 2012 b0a598e
@kanaka kanaka mod_websocket_tcp_proxy updates. Feb 24, 2012 b624de2
@kanaka kanaka Add mod_websocket_tcp_proxy. Feb 24, 2012 2fd1674
@kanaka kanaka Formatting and Java version updates. Feb 23, 2012 a62b8d3