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carbonsearch: graphite-shaped search queries

CarbonSearch is a search service for graphite that allows for querying metrics by attributes other than the metric name.

It takes a fake 'metric' like:


and resolves it to a set of metrics, which were previously tagged to match these characteristics (right now using AND semantics).

Query language

The query language is just a set of AND'd key-value pairs. Each key-value pair has a prefix that indicates the data source, like lb-pool for load balancer pool, or discovery-live for service discovery liveness. The token as a whole (lb-pool:www) is called a tag.

Text queries

There's a special "tag" for querying by the text name of the metric: text-match.


This will take all metrics tagged with lb-pool:db and have 'Delay' in their name. Depending on your data, you might end up with a bunch of metrics about replication delay in the db pool.

Configuration and Running

See *.example.yaml for complete example configs with comments. Just cp to $config_name.yaml to use for real.


Requires -config to specify a carbonsearch.yaml, defaults to in the running directory. The consumers key specifies which consumers should be started by carbonsearch.

For example,

    httpapi: "httpapi.yaml"

Would only start the HTTP API consumer, not the Kafka one.

Where it runs

This is an in-memory service intended to run on CarbonZipper hosts. consuming from a handful of Kafka topics to populate the index. It resolves virtual namespace queries from carbon zipper into lists of real metrics.

Populating the index by sending messages

The search index is populated by consuming messages (via Kafka, HTTP API, etc.). There are 3 types of messages: metrics, tags, and custom.

Metric messages

Metric messages associate an arbitrary number of metrics with a value of a join key.

In this case, the join key is fqdn, and the join key value is hostname-1234.

  "value": "hostname-1234",
  "metrics": [
  "key": "fqdn"

Tag messages

Tag messages associate an arbitrary number of tags with a value of a join key.

  "value": "hostname-1234",
  "tags": [
  "key": "fqdn"

Custom messages

Custom messages directly associate an arbitrary number of tags with an arbitrary number of metrics.

This allows humans to create custom groupings to easily search.

  "metrics": [
  "tags": [


This program was originally developed for With approval from, the code was generalised and published as Open Source on github, for which the author would like to express his gratitude.


This code is licensed under the MIT license.