Installation Guide

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How to Install and Run Kanbanik

There are three ways how to install kanbanik:

  • The simple way: using the runtime
  • The intermediate way: using the WAR file
  • The hard way: from sources

Install Using the Runtime

  • Download the from the download section for your operating system.
  • Download the from the download section
  • Unzip both archives
  • Copy the kanbanik.war from the kanbanik-application to the jetty/webapps of the kanbanik-runtime (please note that the name must stay be kanbanik.war)
  • on Linux: make the start and stop scripts executable by
chmod +x
  • run the or start.bat
  • access the kanbanik
    • for linux: http://localhost:4041/kanbanik/
    • for windows http://localhost:8080/kanbanik/
  • to stop the application
    • for linux run ./
    • for windows press ctrl+c in both windows which got opened after running the start.bat

Install Using WAR file

  • Install MongoDB (2.2.0 or higher)
  • Run MongoDB on default port (27017)
  • Install a java web server of your choice (e.g. jetty, tomcat, etc.)
  • Download the from the download section
  • Unpack the application
  • Deploy the kanbanik.war file into the web server

Changing the MongoDB connection settings

By default, Kanbanik will try to login to mongo instance with the following settings: server: port: 27017 db name: kanbanikdb credentials: without authentication

If you need to change any of this settings, it can be done only in web.xml. To do it, you need to edit the web.xml inside the WAR archive in the kanbanik-application.war/WEB-INF/web.xml The following options are there:

Param Description Default Value
mongoServer Server where the MongoDB instance is running
mongoPort Port on which MongoDB is listening 27017
mongoDBName The name of the DB in the MongoDB instance. Should not make sense to change it. kanbanikdb
mongoAuthenticationRequired If should try to authenticate against MongoDB false
mongoUser The user name used to connect to MongoDB - ignored when mongoAuthenticationRequired is false empty
mongoPassword The password used to connect to MongoDB - ignored when mongoAuthenticationRequired is false empty

Install From Sources


  • JDK 1.6 or higher properly installed and set up
  • maven2 o higher properly installed and set up
  • If you want to execute also the tests during the build, than a MongoDB instance with no authorization running on default port on the same machine as the build is executed

If you have all the preconditions fulfilled, than:

  • First you need to checkout the sources:
git clone 
  • Open a console and cd to the
<kanbanik-root>/kanbanik-parent directory
  • Type
mvn clean install
  • If you want to skip the tests, than
mvn clean install -DskipTests
  • This will take a while at the first time, as maven will need to download lots of dependencies.
  • If successfully finished, you should find the final WAR in kanbanik-web:
  • If yes, you can use this WAR file to deploy to the kanbanik-runtime (Install Using the Runtime) or to your own environment (Install Using WAR file)

First Login

After you have successfully installed Kanbanik, you will need to log in. The default credentials are:

  • Username: admin
  • Password: admin