Cool scripts which can be loaded using Developer Tools power-up
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Collection of useful scripts

This repository contains growing collection of simple scripts which can be loaded with the Developer Tools power-up in Kanban Tool.

How to use them?

Go to the Board Settings > Power-ups page, and enable the Developer Tools power-up. Once you do that, you should see a form allowing you to specify links to external scripts.

Please select scripts from the table below, and copy-paste the URLs.


Available scripts

Name Description Configuration ___ Copy links from this column ___
Swimlane Auto-Assign Automatically assign tasks to team members basing on the swimlane's name. Swimlane name needs to include team member's name. /scripts/swimlane-auto-assign/swimlane-auto-assign.js
High contrast White-on-Black boards. Useful for TV screens. Needs to be enabled from the tools menu /scripts/high-contrast/high-contrast.js
Large font Makes the font on cards slightly larger. No configuration required. Medium font:
Large font:
Card tilt More natural alignment of cards. No configuration required. /scripts/card-tilt/card-tilt.js
Delete all Adds delete all option to the context menu. No configuration required. /scripts/delete-all/delete-all.js
Sorting animations Animates cards when they are being moved. No configuration required. /scripts/sorting-animations/sorting-animations.css
Fixed cards height Makes all cards the same height. For better results you can append script /scripts/fixed-cards-height/fixed-cards-height.js /scripts/fixed-cards-height/medium-cards.css
Save and done Adds "Save and move to done" option to the context menu. No configuration required. /scripts/save-done/save-done.js
Task done Adds "Task done" option to the context menu No configuration required. /scripts/task-done/task-done.js
Change column Adds change column option to the context menu. No configuration required. /scripts/change-column/change-column.js
Cycle time Display time elapsed from when task was created. No configuration required. /scripts/cycle-time/cycle-time.js
Kanbanira Basic integration with JIRA. Needs information about JIRA project, see README /scripts/kanbanira/kanbanira.js
Order highlight Highlight columns where card order does not match priorities. No configuration required. /scripts/order-highlight/order-highlight.js
User avatars Adds support for avatar images. Script needs to be manually modified, by listing avatar image URL for each users' initials.