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Version 1.2.19 (April 16, 2021)
* Trim user agent for RememberMe sessions because MySQL use a varchar(255) column
* Update Docker image to Alpine 3.13.4
* Added "Deutsch (du)" language
* Fixed `createLdapUser` API procedure when LDAP groups are not configured
* Write RememberMe cookie only after the two-factor code has been validated
* Avoid warning when removing a plugin zip archive
* Update Hungarian translation
* Add new hook `model:task:duplication:aftersave`
* Bump symfony/stopwatch from 5.2.3 to 5.2.4
* Bump pimple/pimple from 3.3.1 to 3.4.0
* Bump gregwar/captcha from 1.1.8 to 1.1.9
* Added new analytic component: "Estimated vs actual time per column"
* Do not retain any changes between shared plugins variables
* Display number of tasks according to filter
* Add support for LDAP protocol/host/port configuration by URL; make `BASE_DN` optional
- `ldap_connect($host, $port)` function signature is deprecated
- Querying an AD Global Catalog across an entire forest requires an empty base DN
* Use an absolute file path in `AssetHelper` class for `css()` & `js()` functions
* Remove whitespace at the end of `APP_VERSION` constant
* Add IP address to authentication error logs
* Add interpolation expressions to e-mail subject in automatic action "Send a task by email to someone"
- For example: `Email subject = {{column_title}}: {{title}} (#{{id}})`
* Add Hungarian Forint to the list of currencies
Version 1.2.18 (December 28, 2020)
* Sqlite migrations should have foreign keys disabled outside the transaction
=> Existing behavior could lead to data loss if schema is changed
=> If you are using Sqlite, skip version 1.2.17, upgrade directly to v1.2.18
* Use more secure default Nginx SSL configuration in Docker image
* Update vendor folder
* Add missing pt_br translations
* Update ja_JP translations
Version 1.2.17 (December 27, 2020)
* Fix grammatical errors
* Add autocomplete attribute to HTML forms
* Added "Mexican Peso" to the list of currencies
* Added an option to send a copy of all generated e-mails to a BCC address
* Don't force role of users if no LDAP groups defined
* Keep the tags when converting a subtask to task
* Bump symfony/stopwatch from 5.1.8 to 5.2.0
* Bump pimple/pimple from 3.3.0 to 3.3.1
* Bump symfony/stopwatch from 5.2.0 to 5.2.1
* Publish Docker images to GitHub container registry in addition to Docker Hub
* Use Github Actions to publish Docker images
* Check if the user is assigned to any role in the project
* Fix tasks.swimlane_id foreign key for Sqlite
* Remove unused namespaces
* Add mk_MK (Macedonian) translation
* Update translations
Version 1.2.16 (October 9, 2020)
* Update Composer dependencies
* Update translations
* Add link to toggle column scrolling in board view
* Add missing environment variables in php-fpm config
* Add setting that makes possible any new LDAP user to be Manager by default
* Add ARIA label to modal link with title attribute
* Add ARIA label to user mention
* Add ARIA label to letter avatars
* Add ARIA label to project select role without label
* Add ARIA label to dropdown autocomplete without label
* Add ARIA label to form text editor without label
* Add ARIA label to icons with title attributes
* Add ARIA label for form inputs without labels
* Add ARIA label for elements with titles
* Add hidden accessible form input labels
* Add hidden accessible titles
* Hide user name from screen readers
* Correct table collapsed column titles
* Prevent the original page from being modified by the opened link
* Allow email to be retrieve by SSO ReverseProxy
* Fix grammatically incorrect error message
* Add option to configure SMTP HELO name
* Add new config parameter SESSION_HANDLER
* Fix clearing of all Javascript storage
* Added standard notification footer to comment email template
Version 1.2.15 (June 19, 2020)
* Update dependencies
* Run integration tests on Github Actions
* Fixed capitalization of sAMAccountName for LDAP_USER_ATTRIBUTE_USERNAME example
* Added missing closing HTML tag in template
* Update Docker image to Alpine 3.12
* Removed paragonie/random_compat (not required for PHP 7)
* Setup Dependabot on GitHub
* Allow use of the user's DN as the group filter substitution
* Add subtask events to ProjectModificationDateSubscriber
* Update Vagrantfile to Ubuntu 20.04
* Open large modal when clicking on edit category link
* Set margin-bottom at 0 only for the last child of a tooltip element
* Prevent last swimlane to be hidden if there is only one
* Execute tooltip listeners only once when the DOM is ready
* Use Ajax request for Markdown preview
* Make tooltip events bubble
* Keep newlines in markdown
* Show the color dropdown when creating a new automatic action
* Update translations
* Correct duration calculation
* Copy subtask assignee when duplicating a task
* Save task list order in user session
* Add action to assign a user when the swimlane change
Version 1.2.14 (April 15, 2020)
* Update translations
* Add new event subtask.create_update
* Replace Travis CI by GitHub Actions
* Add option to enable or disable global tags per projects
* Show group membership(s) in user summary and user list
* Docker: use real hostname instead of "localhost"
* Add new task/project image hooks
* Fix invalid RSS feed encoding
* Add new plugin hooks
* Rename "private" projects to "personal"
* Add per-project and per-swimlane task limits
* Use parent task color when converting a subtask to task
* Add environment variables support to configure the application
* Add the possibility to make project tags global from project settings
* Fix regex to detect external links with attachments
* Use KANBOARD_URL to build URIs if specified
* Make time_spent and time_estimated fields editable for updateTask and createTask API calls
* Kanboard now requires PHP >= 7.2 since other versions are deprecated
* Avoid page shrinking when drag and drop cards on iOS devices
* Added a hover color to i elements inside the "dropdown-submenu-open" class
* Avoid duplicating Dockerfiles for each architecture
Version 1.2.13 (December 15, 2019)
* Adjust width of time tracking column
* Make subtasks not wrap under icons
* Make column scrollable in Kanban view
* Add composer dependency roave/security-advisories
* Add colors to tag and category lists
* Update Parsedown to v1.7.3 (security update)
* Make sure the elements behind the alert notification are clickable after animation
* Make sure incompatible plugins can be uninstalled from the web ui
* Move "data-js-lang" attribute to HTML "lang" attribute
* Update language codes for time picker so the calendars are translated correctly
* Dropdown in project managers view covers heading
* Fix date picker datetime parsing when using pre-defined localized versions of am/pm
* Show ISO date format in application settings
* Datepicker stores its Spanish locales as "es", not "es-ES" or "es-VE"
* Increase width of color picker to avoid text overlap in Polish
* Close open menu when clicking again on the button
* Fix width of filter bar in mobile
* In PHP-7.4, nested ternary operators are to be bracketed
* Change string indexing from {0} to [0] (deprecated in PHP 7.4)
* Update translations
Version 1.2.12 (Oct 26, 2019)
* Update Docker image to Alpine Linux 3.10.3
* Add new template hook: "template:project-permission:after-adduser"
* Upgrade jQuery to version 3.4.1
* Add Spanish (Venezuela) translation
* Removed color_id requirement for tag API calls
* Fix subtask restriction modal when clicking on the icon instead of link
* Use PHPUnit 5 for Vagrant
* Prevent last project manager role from being removed
* Check API token before LDAP authentication
* Make sure task limit consider all open tasks (not only filtered tasks)
* Update translations
* Change user filter and category icon
* Add "anybody" filter
* Disable user scaling to avoid page shrinking when drag&drop on mobile
* Fix condition for action "Automatically update the start date when task move away from certain column"
* Add tests for task link and subtask assignee filters
* Changes filters from in array to subqueries
* Add hash to image URL to force browser to update avatar image when changed
Version 1.2.11 (Aug 24, 2019)
Breaking Changes:
* Internet Explorer support is now deprecated
* Add project ID to ExternalTaskProviderInterface::fetch()
Fixes and Improvements:
* Fixed issue of tooltip not disapearing
* Update Docker image to Alpine Linux 3.10.2
* Hide due date time on the card if time is 00:00
* Add new plugin hooks in view switcher
* Ignore Dockerfiles from git archive
* Remove dependency on nodejs and gulp
* Remove dependency on Sass
- Convert *.sass files to vanilla CSS
- Start using CSS variables
- Add PHP minifier
* Add link button to text editor
* Implements check for duplicate default categories
* Implements check for duplicate default columns
* Fix HTML parsing in Markdown editor
* Change checkboxes alignment in task creation form
* Add support for reference:none
* Fix tabindexes on task creation and modification forms
* Add option to clone filters on project duplication
- Fixed missing metadata option from project "create from"
- Added option to clone project custom filters
- Added append option to custom field tests
- Added a test that uses the "append" option
- Fixed disabled swimlane duplication error with Postgresql
* Update translations
* Save thumbnails as PNG to have transparency
* New action to update the start date when a task move away from a column
* Add the possibility to sort columns by due date
* Add "identifier" beside "name" while creating a new project
Version 1.2.10 (June 21, 2019)
* Add Auto-Submitted E-mail header as per RFC 8384
* Add HTML tag in email notifications
* Add new hook template:export:header
* Do not show duplicated results when multiple comments match
* Add Docker manifest with multiple architectures (arm32v6, arm32v7, arm64v8, amd64)
* Update Docker image to Alpine 3.10.0
* Add View File on popover to tooltip
* Fix text file preview
* Set "start date" and "end date" on projects from API
* Add cURL support to HTTP Client
- Add HTTP_PROXY_EXCLUDE option when cURL is used
- Show HTTP client backend in about page
- Fallback to legacy Stream Contexts if cURL extension is not available
* Add Bitcoin to the currency list
* Add automatic action to move task between columns based on due date
* Fixes icon opacity when hovered
* Hide one task count when there is only one swimlane
* Update translations
Version 1.2.9 (April 5, 2019)
* Add Slovak translation
* Update translations
* Changes search by reference to case insentive
* Fix postgres explicit schema name usage
* Simplify local Docker image build
* Show a 404 when accessing data folder from URL (Docker Image)
* Clarify the comment about MAIL_SMTP_ENCRYPTION
* Remove dependency on Bower
* Replaces accordion Javascript component by <details> HTML element
* Fix MySQL migration when using increment values different from 1
* Add missing webhook event: task.move.project
* Add new actions to reorder tasks by column
Version 1.2.8 (February 2, 2019)
Breaking Changes:
* Authorize only API tokens when 2FA is enabled (no user password)
* Disable by default plugin installer for security reasons:
- There is no code review or any approval process to submit a plugin.
- This is up to the Kanboard instance owner to validate if a plugin is legit.
Fixes and Improvements:
* Limit avatar image size
* Avoid CSRF in users CSV import
* Avoid XSS in pagination sorting
* Do not show projects dropdown when prompting the 2FA code
* Always returns a 404 instead of 403 to avoid people discovering users
* Check if user role has changed while the session is open
* Add missing CSRF check in TwoFactorController::deactivate()
* Hide edit button when user cannot edit task
* Fix permission check before "Assign to me"
* Fix permission check before showing project options
* Fix assignable users on a group with a custom role
* Fix import of automatic actions when parameters are "unassigned" or "no category"
* Update license year
* Update Docker image to Alpine 3.9
* Update translations
* Fix PHP error in task views (tag colors)
* Limit assignee drop-down selector scope
Version 1.2.7 (December 19, 2018)
* Write log entry on file removal
* Auto link duplicated tasks
* Auto link tasks duplicated to another project
* Auto link tasks created from a subtask
* Redirect to board view of the current task after duplication
* Fix broken link to contributor page
* Add automatic action for moving a task to a swimlane based on category change
* Add automatic action to assign a category based on swimlane change
* Add ordering comments by id along with creation date
* Fix custom roles duplication (source and destination column_id)
* Add locale en_GB
* New automatic action: move the task to another swimlane when assigned
* Disable php_uname() warning for restrictive environments
* Add hook to board settings
* Add method remove() to settings model
* Add php7-bcmath to Docker image
* Add sorting by reference in list view
* Added priority, swimlane, and column values from parent task to task converted from subtask
* Update translations
Version 1.2.6 (October 10, 2018)
* Escape table name 'groups' because groups is a reserved word as of MySql 8.0.2
* Reduce number of SQL queries when doing groups sync
* Make swimlane filter compatible with numeric title
* Duplicate reference fields when duplicating a task
* Do not try to redirect to login page when offline
* Define fixed width for auto-complete dropdown
* Fix task drag and drop slowdown when a column is hidden
* Make PLUGINS_DIR absolute in config.default.php
* Add custom roles project duplication
* Allow 'No assignee' for external task on single user public boards
* Add tag and category colors
* Exclude task links and user mentions from nesting (Markdown parser)
* When forcing HTTPS, handle subfolder URLs properly
* Add search within a range of dates for completion, modification, creation, and moved fields
* Update Docker image to Alpine Linux 3.8
* Make sure the presense of mod_env is checked in .htaccess
* Make HTTP client timeout configurable
* Use SET NAMES instead of charset for MySQL connection
* Vendoring deprecated Composer libs
* Update translations and fix typos
Version 1.2.5 (June 15, 2018)
* Update jQuery to latest version
* Defer javascript files loading by default
* Add quick link "assign me" in different views
* Add bulk task operations in list view
* Add checkboxes in list view to move tasks to another column at once
* Make sure automatic actions are applied to all tasks when using bulk operations
* Add ability to run cron jobs by calling URL
* Add basic print stylesheet
* Add dashboard and search task footer hooks
* Reword project settings label
* Improve Docker image config overrides
* Fix cronjob in Docker image
* Increase Nginx fastcgi buffers for Docker image
* Increase size of the "users.language" column
* Update translations and improve English texts
Version 1.2.4 (May 16, 2018)
* Rewrite tooltip code without jQuery
* Update Parsedown library
* Remove all attachments when removing a project
* Improve whitespace handling in "cli locale:compare" command
* Don't markdown project owner's name in header tooltip
* Add SSL to Docker image
* Avoid people to remove themselves from project permissions
* Fix escaping issue in Markdown editor
* Add data/config.php to .gitignore
* Clarified text label for notification settings
* Add Ukrainian translation
* Do not show inactive users in group members dropdown
* Improve dashboard pagination
* Make list view more compact
* Hide private projects checkbox if the feature is disabled
* Make cli locale commands working outside of source tree
* Make subtask title text field wider when editing subtasks
* Add link to open images in a new tab
* Make hardcoded hours string translatable
* Translation updates
Version 1.2.3 (April 18, 2018)
New features:
* Add Project MetaData API calls
* Add default filter per user
* Use utf8mb4 encoding for MySQL instead of utf8 (Emoji support)
* Increase text fields length in several tables
* Move documentation to
* Make sure no empty group is submitted on project permissions page
* Translate subtasks status and internal links labels in notifications
* Add link to tasks and projects in overdue notifications
* Add missing translations
* Move custom libs to the source tree
Bug fixes:
* Fix margin for task recurrence tooltip
Version 1.2.2 (March 30, 2018)
* Add thumbnail quality parameter (default to 95)
* Always display SQL errors
* Move SimpleLogger lib into app source tree
* Add system log driver and use it by default
* Display exceptions from plugins while refreshing board
* Redirect to original URL after OAuth login
* Add author name and email arguments to mail client
* Improve HTTP client to raise exceptions
* Update translations
Bug fixes:
* Fix broken daily summary export
* Fix role precedence in LDAP integration
Version 1.2.1 (February 28, 2018)
New features:
* Add automatic action to change column once a start date is reached
* Add automatic action to change color once start date is reached
* Add CSS class to categories to allow custom styling
* Add option to disable Mysql SSL server verification
* Add timeout parameter for database connection
* Add error log for authentication failure to allow fail2ban integration
* Set the correct swimlane/column ID when moving a task via its internal dialog
* Allow filtering for tasks without due date
* Add plugin hook 'aftersave' after creating Task
* Run SessionHandler::write() into a transaction
* Remove dependency on PicoFeed
* Add CSRF check for task and project files upload
* Add missing CSRF check on avatar upload form
* Add missing CSRF check in saveUploadDB() method
* Update Vagrantfile to use Ubuntu Xenial
* Send event author in webhook notification
* Update translations
* Update documentation
Version 1.2.0 (December 27, 2017)
Breaking changes:
* Kanboard supports only PHP >= 5.6 (PHP 5.3, 5.4 and 5.5 are not supported anymore)
New features:
* PHP sessions are now stored into the database,
In this way, it's easier to run Kanboard behind a load-balancer
* Copy category from parent task when creating a task from a subtask
* Translation updates and improvements
Version 1.1.1 (December 9, 2017)
Breaking changes:
* The Docker tag "stable" is not used anymore, instead use a specific version tag
* Task limit apply across all swimlanes
* Kanboard is now using the domain
New features:
* New automatic action to create a subtask assigned to the creator and start the timer
* New automatic action to stop the timer of subtasks
* Add command line tool to remove project activities after one year
* Add command line tool to disable projects not touched during one year
* Add config option to exclude fields from auth providers sync
* Add new plugin hooks
* Open audio files in a new tab
* Upgrade Docker image to Alpine Linux 3.7
* Improve Docker build to use Docker Hub hooks
* The application version is now included into the Docker image
* Disable private projects when disabling a user
* Allow administrators to update username of remote users
* Improve layout on mobile/tablet devices
* Changed board column headings to show swimlane-column total in bold
* Enable dragging to collapsed columns
* Add missing checks for requirements
Bug fixes:
* Add class "js-modal-replace" to icons to make it clickable
* Improve permission checks on custom filters page to avoid forbidden access
Version 1.1.0 (November 20, 2017)
Breaking changes:
* Remove feature "Allow everybody to access to this project" (You must define project members and groups)
* Composer dependencies are now included in the repository to be able to use git-archive (except development dependencies)
New features:
* Add predefined templates for task descriptions
* Add the possibility to send tasks and comments to multiple recipients
* Add users, groups and projects search
* Add command line argument to display Kanboard version
* Add user backend provider system (to be used by external plugins)
* Add Romanian and Chinese (Taiwan) translation
* Minor CSS improvements
* Add help message on project sharing page
* Task CSV import is now able to handle the priority, start date, tags and one external link
* Improve iCalendar feed to include tasks with start/end date and due date with a time
* Check if the start date is before due date
* You can get an archive of Kanboard by using the download button in Github or the command git archive
* Translation updates
Bug fixes:
* Fix project dropdown visibility when page is scrolled down
* Task move events must be executed synchronously
* Handle CSV files with only "\r" line endings
Version 1.0.48 (October 23, 2017)
* Add bulk subtasks creation
* Add filter by score/complexity
* Improved display of the header bar
* Displays bullets from lists in tooltips
* Updated translations
* Add tags and priority to task export
* Make the number of events stored in project activities configurable
* Do not use jQuery tooltip for task title in collapsed mode
* Remove dependency on Yarn
* Improve external task integration
* Add support for array parameters in automatic actions
* Add tooltip to subtask icons
* Add attribute title to external links
* Render a link if the reference is a URL
* Add icon to edit a task quickly on the board
* Improve .htaccess when using HTTP Basic Authentication for Apache/FastCGI
* Add note to specify incompatibility with mod_security
Version 1.0.47 (October 3, 2017)
New features:
* Vietnamese translation
* Updated translations
Security Issues:
* Avoid people to alter other project resources by changing form data
Version 1.0.46 (August 13, 2017)
Security Issues:
* Fix two privilege escalation issues: a standard user could reset the password
of another user (including admin) by altering form data.
(CVE-2017-12850 and CVE-2017-12851, discovered by "chbi").
* Add "Create another link" checkbox for internal link as in sub-task creation
* Updated translations
Bug fixes:
* Fix parsing issue in phpToBytes() method
Version 1.0.45 (June 23, 2017)
New features:
* Automatic action to assign tasks to its creator
* Add the possibility to create a comment when a task is sent by email
* Add dropdown menu to autocomplete email field from project members
* Add configurable list of predefined subjects when sending a task or a a comment by email
* Add command line argument to filter overdue notification for a given project
* Improve SQL migrations when old default swimlanes have the same name as a normal swimlanes
Bug fixes:
* Add missing subtask permissions for project viewer role
* Fix Javascript language mapping
Version 1.0.44 (May 28, 2017)
* Use datetime field for due date
* Update Docker image to Alpine Linux 3.6
* Add the possibility to pass API token as environment variable for Docker container
* Add wildcard search for task reference field
* Improve automated action TaskAssignColorOnDueDate to update task only when necessary
* Add task and project API formatters
* Update translations
Bug fixes:
* Fix broken user mentions in comment form at the bottom of the task view page
* Ensure project tags are removed when the project is removed
* Avoid PHP notice when regenerating API token for a user
* Fix wrong dropdown menu in group members list
* Show only active users in auto-complete forms (project permissions)
* Check owner existence before to create project
Version 1.0.43 (April 30, 2017)
* Add "[DUPLICATE]" prefix to duplicated tasks title
* Add sorting by position and start date in task list view
* Update translations
Bug fixes:
* Add missing plugin parameter for search box (Gantt and calendar plugin)
* Fix broken start date button
Version 1.0.42 (April 8, 2017)
New features:
* New restrictions for custom project roles
* Improved dashboard
Breaking Changes:
* Move calendar to external plugin:
* Move Gantt charts to external plugin:
* Move Gravatar to external plugin:
Bug fixes:
* Fix typo in Sqlite schema
Version 1.0.41 (March 19, 2017)
New features:
* Add Croatian language translation
* Simplify dashboard to use new tasks list view
* Move notifications outside of dashboard
* Render QR code for TwoFactor authentication without Google Chart API
* Add toggle button to show/hide subtasks in task list view
* Use same layout as task listing for task search
* Display tags in task list view
* Make user actions available from contextual menu
* Change users and groups list layout
* Project priority is always rendered now
* Do not list private projects when adding a new user
* Restore link for task title on board
Breaking Changes:
* Remove method getQrCodeUrl() from PostAuthenticationProviderInterface
Version 1.0.40 (Feb 24 2017)
New features:
* Send comments by email
* Send tasks by email
* Add Reply-To header to emails sent from Kanboard
* Upload Sqlite database from user interface
* Automatic action to change task color when due date is expired
* Make link to calendar view bookable
* Reintroduce word search in board selector
* Properly resize task list height on column toggle
* Show total score across all swimlanes
* Redesign task list view and project list view
* Allow people to remove missing automatic actions (installed from a removed plugins)
* Improve task view tables
* Simplify automatic actions table
* Show category description in tooltip
* Show category creation form in modal dialog
* Prevent people to remove swimlanes that contains tasks
* Show task count in swimlane table
* Use contextual menu instead of action column in users management
Breaking changes:
* The concept of "default swimlane" has been removed
* Previous default swimlanes are migrated to an independent swimlanes
* Columns "default_swimlane" and "show_default_swimlane" from "projects" table are not used anymore
* Remove API method "getDefaultSwimlane()"
* Add mandatory argument "project_id" to API method "updateSwimlane()"
* Change interface for mail transports
Bug fixes:
* Upload files button stay disabled when there are other submit buttons on the same page
* Hiding subtasks from hidden tasks in dashboard
* Fix XSS in LetterAvatarProvider (render broken image)
Those issues are harmless if you use default Kanboard settings for CSP rules:
* Avoid potential XSS in project overview when listing users
* Avoid potential XSS in Gantt chart
Version 1.0.39 (Feb 12, 2017)
* Add menu entry in task dropdown to add attachments
* Improve error reporting when file upload is not configured properly
* Open comments on board view with a modal dialog instead of tooltip
* Improve card icons alignment on board
* Adjust modal dialog width on mobile devices
* Add priority column in list view
* Change wording for project status (use "closed" instead of "inactive")
* Prevent people to remove columns that contains tasks
* Improve LDAP error reporting
* Add configuration parameter to disable email configuration from user interface
* Add email address field for projects
* Improve forget password behavior (notify the user that an email has been sent or not)
* Do not display current project in board selector
* Do not set default task assignee for team projects
* Comments are highlighted if hash (#comment-123) is present in URL
* Documentation translated in Turkish
Bug fixes:
* Search with multiple expressions with double quotes was not working
* Fix broken subtask restriction per user
* Fix CFD chart (stack wrongly ordered)
Version 1.0.38 (Jan 28, 2017)
New features:
* User invitations by email
* Simplify user creation form
* Add modification date for comments
* Add project creation links to project management pages
* More API procedures are now available to project members and project viewers
* Simplify date and time configuration to avoid potential validation issues
* Show dashboard column visibility in columns page
* Add new template hooks
* Update translations (id_ID, de_DE, ru_RU, fr_FR, pt_PT)
* Add command to execute individual job (mostly for debugging)
* Stay on the same page when a task is closed
* Wrong URL in modal to move task to another project
Bug fixes:
* Fix broken link when clicking on user avatar for tasks on board
* Fix wrong datetime formatting when task form shows validation errors
* Empty arrays are serialized to a list instead of a dict (Json API)
* Always unbind internal listeners when closing a modal dialog
* Fix installation errors on MySQL 8.0.0 (unescaped reserved keyword)
* Avoid PHP notice when column form validation failed
* Fix wrong default value for add group member modal
* Add missing filter (completed) for task search
Version 1.0.37 (Jan 14, 2017)
* Improve keyboard shortcuts handling
* Improve auto-complete dropdown elements sorting
* Larger task form
* Rewrite dialog and confirmation boxes (inline popups)
* Remove TaskGanttCreationController
* Add helpers to open modal boxes
* Make icons clickable in menus
* Open task imports in modal box
* Open form to create customer filters in modal box
* Open project activities in modal box
* Display project analytics in modal box
* Display project exports in modal box
* Improve accordion component
* Improve currencies page navigation
* Improve link labels page navigation
* Improve settings page layout
* Offer the possibility to define version compatibility from plugins
* Add task creation event to the automatic action to send task by email
Bug fixes:
* Closing screenshot dialog prevent input elements to get focus
Version 1.0.36 (Dec 30, 2016)
New features:
* Add slideshow for images
* Add API calls to manage tags
* Offer the possibility to override internal formatter objects from plugins
* Open PDF attachments in browser tab (preview)
* Add pagination details
* Handle username with dots in user mentions
* Rewrite UI component that change user/group roles
* Replace Chosen jQuery plugin by custom UI component
* Remove dependency on Mousetrap Javascript library
* Disable PageSpeed module from .htaccess if present
* Add currency of Chinese Yuan
Bug fixes:
* Fix compatibility issue with PHP 5.3 for array_combine function
* Fix wrong controller name on project activity page when using filters
* Uploaded avatar images are now visible in public board view
Version 1.0.35 (Dec 4, 2016)
New features:
* Add external tasks plugin interfaces
* Add personal API access token for users
* Rewrite of Markdown editor (remove CodeMirror)
* Suggest menu for task ID and user mentions in Markdown editor
* Add config parameter to disable automatic SQL migrations
* Add button to close inline popups
* Simplify `.htaccess` to avoid potential issues with possible specific Apache configurations
* Replace notifications Javascript code by CSS
* Refactoring of user mentions job
* Remove Nitrous installer
* Update translations
* Rewrite some components in Vanilla Javascript
* Started Javascript code refactoring to avoid to much dependencies on jQuery
* Remove dependency on VueJS and CoreMirror
* Add P3P headers to avoid potential issues with IE
Breaking changes:
* Rename command line tool `./kanboard` to `./cli`
Bug fixes:
* Change column type for application settings value (field too small)
* Fix link generation when user mention is followed by a punctuation mark
* Make user mentions works again
Version 1.0.34 (Oct 11, 2016)
New features:
* Custom project roles with configurable restrictions
* Duplicate a task to multiple projects during creation
* New automatic action:
- Close a task in a specific column when not moved during a given period
* Do not close the popover when clicking on the background
* Add visual icon to show a dropdown action on task
* Avoid 'blur' effect on popover
* Accept more file types for external links
* Restrict search to active projects
* Improve task status filter
* Add filter tag:none
* Always apply merge hooks in task creation controller
* Update task moved date only when the column or swimlane is changed
* Add new subtask hooks
* Add the actual use of TaskStartDateFilter
* Update translations and documentation
Bug fixes:
* Send absolute links in email notifications
* Restrict task complexity to a specific range to avoid integer overflow
* Do not show closed tasks in task move position form
* Avoid "Controller not found" in Settings > Links
Version 1.0.33 (Sep 5, 2016)
New features:
* Move a task without drag and drop (smartphones and tablets)
* Add the possibility to unlock users from the user interface
* New API calls for task metadata
* New automatic actions:
- Define color by Swimlane
- Define priority by Swimlane
* Introduce Vue.js to manage user interface components
* Add column "Reference" and "Creator Name" in CSV task export
* Show both time spent and estimated on the board
* Store board collapsed mode user preference in the database
* Store comment sorting direction in the database
* Avoid tags overlapping on the board
* Show project name in notifications
* Allow priority changes for inverted priority scales
* Add the possibility to attach template hooks with local variables and callback
* Add "reference" hooks
* Show project name in task forms
* Convert vanilla CSS to SASS
* Make user interface more responsive for smartphones and tablets
* Support version operators for plugin directory: >= and >
* Update Spanish documentation
Other changes:
* Time spent (in hours) for subtasks are not rounded too the nearest quarter anymore
Bug fixes:
* Fix improper HTML escaping for textarea (potential XSS)
* Do not show closed tasks on public boards
* Fix undefined constant in config example file
* Fix PHP notice when sending overdue notifications
* Fix wrong project date format (shown as 01/01/1970)
- If the dates still not correct, modify and save the date
Version 1.0.32 (July 31, 2016)
New features:
* New automated actions:
- Close tasks without activity in a specific column
- Set due date automatically
- Move a task to another column when closed
- Move a task to another column when not moved during a given period
* New filter "moved" for moved date of tasks
* Added internal task links to activity stream
* Added new event for removed comments
* Added search filter for task priority
* Added the possibility to hide tasks in dashboard for a specific column
* Documentation translated in Russian
* Improve background worker and job handler
* New template hooks
* Removed individual column scrolling on board, columns use the height of all tasks
* Improve project page titles
* Remove sidebar titles when not necessary
* Internal events management refactoring
* Handle header X-Real-IP to get IP address
* Display project name for task auto-complete fields
* Make search attributes not case sensitive
* Display TOTP issuer for 2FA
* Make sure that the table schema_version use InnoDB for Mysql
* Use the library PicoFeed to generate RSS/Atom feeds
* Change all links to the new repository
Bug fixes:
* Allow users to see inactive projects
* Fixed typo in template that prevent project permissions to be duplicated
* Fixed search query with multiple assignees (nested OR conditions)
* Fixed Markdown editor auto-grow on the task form (Safari)
* Fixed compatibility issue with PHP 5.3 for OAuthUserProvider class
Version 1.0.31 (Jul 3, 2016)
New features:
* Added tags: global and specific by project
* Added application and project roles validation for API procedure calls
* Added new API call: "getProjectByIdentifier"
* Added new API calls for external task links, project attachments and subtask time tracking
* Use PHP 7 for the Docker image
* Preserve role for existing users when using ReverseProxy authentication
* Handle priority for task and project duplication
* Expose task reference field to the user interface
* Improve ICal export
* Added argument owner_id and identifier to project API calls
* Rewrite integration tests to run with Docker containers
* Use the same task form layout everywhere
* Removed some tasks dropdown menus that are now available with task edit form
* Make embedded documentation readable in multiple languages (if a translation is available)
* Added acceptance tests (browser tests)
Bug fixes:
* Fixed broken CSV exports
* Fixed identical background color for LetterAvatar on 32bits platforms (Hash greater than PHP_MAX_INT)
* Fixed lexer issue with non word characters
* Flush memory cache in worker to get latest config values
* Fixed empty title for web notification with only one overdue task
* Take default swimlane into consideration for SwimlaneModel::getFirstActiveSwimlane()
* Fixed "due today" highlighting
Breaking changes:
* Docker volume paths are changed to /var/www/app/{data,plugins}
Version 1.0.30 (Jun 8, 2016)
* Show tasks that are due today in a different color
Bug fixes:
* Fixed wrong controller for search in dashboard
* Fixed plural form in alert message
* Fixed CSS cosmetic issue with popover and tooltips
Version 1.0.29 (Jun 5, 2016)
New features:
* Manage plugin from the user interface and from the command line
* Added support for background workers
* Added the possibility to convert a subtask to a task
* Added menu entry to add tasks from all project views
* Add tasks in bulk from the board
* Add dropdown for projects
* Added config parameter to allow self-signed certificates for the HTTP client
* Display local date format in date picker
* Configure email settings with the user interface in addition to config file
* Upgrade Docker image to Alpine Linux 3.4
* Move task import to a separate section
* Mark web notification as read when clicking on it
* Support strtotime strings for date search
* Reset failed login counter and unlock user when changing password
* Task do not open anymore in a new window on the Gantt chart
* Do not display task progress for tasks with no start/end date
* Use Gulp and Bower to manage assets
* Controller and Middleware refactoring
* Replace jQuery mobile detection by the library isMobile
Bug fixes:
* Fixed user date format parsing for dates that can be valid in multiple formats
* Do not sync user role if LDAP groups are not configured
* Fixed issue with unicode handling for letter based avatars and user initials
* Do not send notifications to disabled users
* Fixed wrong redirect when removing a task from the task view page
Breaking changes:
* Webhook to create tasks have been removed, use the API instead
* All controllers have been renamed, people who are not using URL rewriting will see different URLs
* All models have been renamed, plugin maintainers will have to update their plugins
Version 1.0.28 (May 8, 2016)
New features:
* Added automated action to change task color based on the priority
* Added support for LDAP Posix Groups (OpenLDAP with memberUid or groupOfNames)
* Added support for LDAP user photo attribute (Avatar image)
* Added support for language LDAP attribute
* Added support for Mysql SSL connection
* Search in activity stream
* Search in comments
* Search by task creator
* Added command line utility to reset user password and to disable 2FA
* Improve Avatar upload form
* User roles are now synced with LDAP at each login
* Improve web page title on the task view
* Unify task drop-down menu between different views
* Improve LDAP user group membership synchronization
* Category and user filters do not append anymore in search field
* Added more template hooks
* Added tasks search with the API
* Added priority field to API procedures
* Added API procedure "getMemberGroups"
* Added parameters for overdue tasks notifications: group by projects and send only to managers
* Allow people to install Kanboard outside of the DocumentRoot
* Allow plugins to be loaded from another folder
* Filter/Lexer/QueryBuilder refactoring
Bug fixes:
* Allow a project owner to manage his own public project
* Fixed PHP warning when removing a user with no Avatar image
* Fixed improper Markdown escaping for some tooltips
* Closing all tasks by column, also update closed tasks
* Fixed wrong task link generation within Markdown text
* Fixed wrong URL on comment toggle link for sorting
* Fixed form submission with Meta+Enter keyboard shortcut
* Removed PHP notices in comment suppression view
Version 1.0.27 (Mar 27, 2016)
New features:
* Added Markdown editor
* Added user avatars with pluggable system
- Default is a letter based avatar
- Gravatar
- Avatar Image upload
* Added Korean translation
* Added more logging for LDAP client
* Improve schema migration process
* Improve notification configuration form
* Handle state in OAuth2 client
* Allow to use the original template in overridden templates
* Unification of the project header
* Refactoring of Javascript code
* Improve comments design
* Improve task summary sections
* Put back the action sidebar in task view
* Added support for multiple placeholders for LDAP_USER_FILTER
* Added local file link provider
* Show configuration in settings page
* Added "?" to display list of keyboard shortcuts
* Added new keyboard shortcuts for task view
* Always display project name and task title in task views
* Improve automatic action creation
* Move notifications to the bottom of the screen
* Added the possibility to import automatic actions from another project
* Added Ajax loading icon for submit buttons
* Added support for HTTP header "X-Forwarded-Proto: https"
Bug fixes:
* Fix bad unique constraints in Mysql table user_has_notifications
* Force integer type for aggregated metrics (Burndown chart concat values instead of summing)
* Fixes cycle time calculation when the start date is defined in the future
* Access allowed to any tasks from the shared public board by changing the URL parameters
* Fix invalid user filter for API procedure createLdapUser()
* Ambiguous column name with very old version of Sqlite
Version 1.0.26 (Feb 28, 2016)
Breaking changes:
* API procedures:
- "moveColumnUp" and "moveColumnDown" are replaced by "changeColumnPosition"
- "moveSwimlaneUp" and "moveSwimlaneDown" are replaced by "changeSwimlanePosition"
New features:
* Add drag and drop to change subtasks, swimlanes and columns positions
* Add file drag and drop and asynchronous upload
* Enable/Disable users
* Add setting option to disable private projects
* Add new config option to disable logout
* Use inline popup to create new columns
* Improve filter box design
* Improve image thumbnails and files table
* Add confirmation inline popup to remove custom filter
* Increase client_max_body_size value for Nginx
* Split Board model into multiple classes
* Improve logging for the Docker image
Bug fixes:
* Fix PHP notices during creation of first project and in subtasks table
* Fix filter dropdown not accessible when there are too many items
* Fix regression: unable to change project in "task move/duplicate to another project"
Version 1.0.25 (Feb 7, 2016)
Breaking changes:
* Core functionalities moved to external plugins:
- Google Auth:
- Github Auth:
- Gitlab Auth:
New features:
* When creating a new project, have the possibility to select another project to duplicate
* Add a "Me" button to assignee form element
* Add external links for tasks with plugin api
* Add project owner (Directly Responsible Individual)
* Add configurable task priority
* Add Greek translation
* Add automatic actions to close tasks with no activity
* Add automatic actions to send an email when there is no activity on a task
* Regroup all daily background tasks in one command: "cronjob"
* Add task dropdown menu on listing pages
* New Dockerfile based on Alpine Linux and Nginx/PHP-FPM
* The date time format can be chosen in application settings
* Export only open tasks in iCal feed
* Remove time form on task summary page and move that to task edit form
* Replace box shadow by a larger border width when a task is recently modified
* Do not refresh the whole page when changing subtask status
* Add dropdown menu with inline popup for all task actions
* Change sidebar style
* Change task summary layout
* Use inline popup for subtasks, categories, swimlanes, actions and columns
* Move homepage menus to the user dropdown
* Have a new task assigned to the creator by default instead of "no assignee"
* Show progress for task links in board tooltips
* Simplify code to handle ajax popover and redirects
* Simplify layout and templates generation
* Move task form elements to Task helper
Bug fixes:
* Category label is broken on the board if there's a url in the description
* Fix pagination on task time tracking page
Version 1.0.24 (Jan 23, 2016)
New features:
* Forgot Password
* Add drop-down menu on each board column title to close all tasks
* Add Malay language
* Add new API procedures for groups, roles, project permissions and to move/duplicate tasks to another project
* Avoid to send XHR request when a task has not moved after a drag and drop
* Set maximum dropzone height when the individual column scrolling is disabled
* Always show the search box in board selector
* Replace logout link by a drop-down menu
* Handle notification for group members attached to a project
* Return the highest role for a project when a user is member of multiple groups
* Show in user interface the saving state of the task
* Add drop-down menu for subtasks, categories, swimlanes, columns, custom filters, task links and groups
* Add new template hooks
* Application settings are not cached anymore in the session
* Do not check board status during task move
* Move validators to a separate namespace
* Improve and write unit tests for reports
* Reduce the number of SQL queries for project daily column stats
* Remove event subscriber to update date_moved field
* Make sure that some event subscribers are not executed multiple times
* Show rendering time of individual templates when debug mode is enabled
* Make sure that no events are fired if nothing has been modified in the task
* Make dashboard section title clickable
* Add unit tests for LastLogin
Bug fixes:
* Automatic action listeners were using the same instance
* Fix wrong link for category in task footer
* Unable to set currency rate with Postgres database
* Avoid automatic actions that change the color to fire subsequent events
* Unable to unassign a task from the API
* Revert back previous optimizations of TaskPosition (incompatibility with some environment)
Version 1.0.23 (Jan 9, 2016)
Breaking changes:
* Plugin API changes for Automatic Actions
* Automatic Action to close a task doesn't have the column parameter anymore (use the action "Close a task in a specific column")
* Action name stored in the database is now the absolute class name
* Core functionalities moved to external plugins:
- Github Webhook:
- Gitlab Webhook:
- Bitbucket Webhook:
New features:
* Added support of user mentions (@username)
* Added report to compare working hours between open and closed tasks
* Added the possibility to define custom routes from plugins
* Added new method to remove metadata
* Improve Two-Factor activation and plugin API
* Improving performance during task position change (SQL queries are 3 times faster than before)
* Do not show window scrollbars when individual column scrolling is enabled
* Automatic Actions code improvements and unit tests
* Increase action name column length in actions table
Bug fixes:
* Fix compatibility issue with FreeBSD for session.hash_function parameter
* Fix wrong constant name that causes a PHP error in project management section
* Fix pagination in group members listing
* Avoid PHP error when enabling LDAP group provider with PHP < 5.5
Version 1.0.22 (Dec 13, 2015)
Breaking changes:
* LDAP configuration parameters changes (See documentation)
* SQL table changes:
- "users" table: added new column "role" and removed columns "is_admin" and "is_project_admin"
- "project_has_users" table: replaced column "is_owner" with column "role"
- Sqlite does not support alter table, old columns still there but unused
* API procedure changes:
- createUser
- createLdapUser
- updateUser
- updateTask
* Event removed: "session.bootstrap", use "app.boostrap" instead
New features:
* Add pluggable authentication and authorization system (complete rewrite)
* Add groups (teams/organization)
* Add LDAP groups synchronization
* Add project group permissions
* Add new project role Viewer
* Add generic LDAP client library
* Add search query attribute for task link
* Add the possibility to define API token in config file
* Add capability to reopen Gitlab issues
* Try to load config.php from /data if not available
Version 1.0.21 (Nov 22, 2015)
Breaking changes:
* Projects with duplicate names are now allowed:
- For Postgres and Mysql the unique constraint is removed by database migration
- However Sqlite does not support alter table, only new databases will have the unique constraint removed
New features:
* New automatic action: Assign a category based on a link
* Added Bosnian translation
* Dropdown menu entries are now clickable outside of the html link
* Improve error handling of plugins
* Use PHP7 function random_bytes() to generate tokens if available
* CSV task export show the assignee name in addition to the assignee username
* Add new hooks for plugins
* Remove workaround for "INSERT ON DUPLICATE KEY UPDATE..."
Internal code refactoring:
* Rewrite of session management
* Move some classes to a new namespace Kanboard\Core\Http
Bug fixes:
* Loading cs_CZ locale display the wrong language in datetime picker
* Datepicker is closed unexpectedly on blur event
* Fix bug in daily project summary CSV export
* Fix PHP error when adding a new user with email notification enabled
* Add missing template for activity stream to show event "file.create"
* Fix wrong value for PLUGINS_DIR in config.default.php
* Make CSV export compatible with PHP 5.3
* Avoid Safari to append .html at the end of downloaded files
Version 1.0.20 (Oct 24, 2015)
Breaking changes:
* Add namespace Kanboard (update your plugins)
* Move Mailgun, Sendgrid, Postmark, Slack, Hipchat and Jabber to plugins
* ReverseProxy authentication check for each request that the username match the user session
New features:
* Add CSV import for users and tasks
* Add Task, User and Project metadata for plugin creators
* Allow to change comments sorting
* Add the possibility to append or not custom filters
* Make mail transports pluggable
* Do not show scroll-bars when a column is collapsed on Windows systems
* Regenerate thumbnails if missing
Bug fixes:
* People should not see any tasks during a search when they are not associated to a project
* Avoid disabling the default swimlane during renaming when there is no other activated swimlane
Version 1.0.19 (Oct 11, 2015)
New features:
* Added web notifications
* Added LDAP group sync
* Added swimlane description
* New plugin system (alpha)
* Added Bahasa Indonesia translation
* Added API procedures: getMyOverdueTasks, getOverdueTasksByProject and GetMyProjects
* Added user API access for procedure getProjectActivity()
* Added config parameter to enable/disable Syslog
* Added custom filters
* Added http client proxy support
Core functionalities moved to plugins:
* Budget planning:
* SubtaskForecast:
* Timetable:
* When duplicating a task redirect to the new task
* Include more shortcut links into the view "My projects"
* Duplicate a project with tasks will copy the new tasks in the same columns
* Offer alternative method to create Mysql and Postgres databases (import sql dump)
* Make sure there is always a trailing slash for application_url
* Do not show the checkbox "Show default swimlane" when there is no active swimlanes
* Append filters instead of replacing value for users and categories drop-downs
* Do not show empty swimlanes in public view
* Change swimlane layout to save space on the screen
* Add the possibility to set/unset max column height (column scrolling)
* Show "Open this task" in drop-down menu for closed tasks
* Show assignee on card only when someone is assigned (hide nobody text)
* Highlight selected item in drop-down menus
* Gantt chart: change bar color according to task progress
* Replace color drop-down by color picker in task forms
* Creating another task stay in the popover (no full page refresh anymore)
* Avoid scrollbar in Gantt chart for row title on Windows platform
* Remove unnecessary margin for calendar header
* Show localized documentation if available
* Add event subtask.delete
* Add abstract storage layer
* Add abstract cache layer
* Add Docker tag for stable version
* Data directory permission are not checked anymore
* Data directory is not mandatory anymore for people that use a remote database and remote object storage
Bug fixes:
* Fix typo in template that prevents Gitlab OAuth link to be displayed
* Fix Markdown preview links focus
* Avoid drop-down menu to be truncated inside a column with scrolling
* Deleting subtask doesn't update task time tracking
* Fix Mysql error about gitlab_id when creating remote user
* Fix subtask timer bug (event called recursively)
* Fix Postgres issue "Cardinality violation" when there is multiple "is_milestone_of" links
* Fix issue with due date greater than year 2038
Version 1.0.18 (Aug 30, 2015)
New features:
* Include documentation in the application
* Add Gitlab authentication
* Add users and categories filters on the board
* Add hide/show columns
* Add Gantt chart for projects and tasks
* Add new role "Project Administrator"
* Add login brute force protection with captcha and account lockdown
* Add new api procedures: getDefaultTaskColor(), getDefaultTaskColors() and getColorList()
* Add user api access
* Add config parameter to define session duration
* Add config parameter to disable/enable RememberMe authentication
* Add start/end date for projects
* Add new automated action to change task color based on the task link
* Add milestone marker in board task
* Add search for task title when using an integer only input
* Add Portuguese (European) translation
* Add Norwegian translation
* Add handle to move tasks on touch devices
* Improve file attachments tooltip on the board
* Adjust automatically the height of the placeholder during drag and drop
* Show all tasks when using no search criteria
* Add column vertical scrolling
* Set dynamically column height based on viewport size
* Enable support for Github Enterprise when using Github Authentication
* Update iCalendar library to display organizer name
* Improve sidebar menus
* Add no referrer policy in meta tags
* Run automated unit tests with Sqlite/Mysql/Postgres on Travis-ci
* Add Makefile and remove the "scripts" directory
Bug fixes:
* Wrong template name for subtasks tooltip due to previous refactoring
* Fix broken url for closed tasks in project view
* Fix permission issue when changing the url manually
* Fix bug task estimate is reset when using subtask timer
* Fix screenshot feature with Firefox 40
* Fix bug when uploading files with Cyrilic characters
Version 1.0.17 (Jul 27, 2015)
New features:
* Added url rewrite and new routes
* Added new search engine with advanced syntax
* Added global search section
* Added search form on the dashboard
* Added new dashboard layout
* Added new layout for board/calendar/list views
* Added filters helper for search forms
* Added setting option to disable subtask timer
* Added setting option to include or exclude closed tasks into CFD
* Added setting option to define the default task color
* Added new config option to disable automatic creation of LDAP accounts
* Added loading icon on board view
* Prompt user when moving or duplicate a task to another project
* Added current values when moving/duplicate a task to another project and add a loading icon
* Added memory consumption to debug log
* Added form to create remote user
* Added edit form for user authentication
* Added config option to hide login form
* Display OAuth2 urls on integration page
* Added keyboard shortcuts to switch between board/calendar/list view
* Added keyboard shortcut to focus on the search box
* Added Slack channel override
* Added new report: Lead and cycle time for projects
* Added new report: Average time spent into each column
* Added task analytics
* Added icon to set the start date automatically
* Added datetime picker for start date
* Updated documentation
* Display user initials when tasks are in collapsed mode
* Show title in tooltip for collapsed tasks
* Improve alert box fadeout to avoid an empty space
* Set focus on the drop-down for category popover
* Make escape keyboard shortcut global
* Check the box remember me by default
* Store redirect login url in session instead of using url parameter
* Update Gitlab webhook
* Do not rewrite remember me cookie for each request
* Set the assignee as organizer for ical events
* Increase date range for ics export
* Reduce spacing on cards
* Move board collapse/expand mode to server side to avoid board flickering
* Use ajax requests for board collapse/expand
* Do not set anchor for the default swimlane on the link back to board
* Replace timeserie axis to category axis for charts
* Hide task age in compact mode
* Improve quick-add subtasks form
* Reduce the size of the filter box for smaller screen
* Added icon to hide/show sidebar
* Update GitLab logo
* Improve Dockerfile
* Added Czech translation
* Updated Spanish translation
* Updated German Translation
Bug fixes:
* Screenshot drop-down: unexpected scroll down on the board view and focus lost when clicking on the drop zone
* No creator when duplicating a task
* Avoid the creation of multiple subtask timer for the same task and user
Code refactoring:
* Split task controller into smaller classes
* Remove method Category::getBoardCategories()
* Rewrite movePosition() to improve performances
* Refactoring of Github and Google authentication
Breaking changes:
* New OAuth url for Google and Github authentication
* Add urls in api response for tasks and projects
* Added automated Docker build
* Remove edit recurrence from the task menu on the board
* Switch to MIT License instead of AGPLv3
Version 1.0.0 to 1.0.16
* See commit history and website news