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Two-Factor Authentication

Each user can enable the two-factor authentication. After a successful login, a one-time code (6 characters) is asked to the user to allow access to Kanboard.

This code has to be provided by a compatible software usually installed on your smartphone.

Kanboard use the Time-based One-time Password Algorithm defined in the RFC 6238.

There are many software compatible with the standard TOTP system. For example, you can use these applications:

This system can work offline and you don't necessarily need to have a mobile phone.


  1. Go to your user profile
  2. On the left, click on Two factor authentication and check the box
  3. A secret key is generated for you


  • You have to save the secret key in your TOTP software. If you use a smartphone, the easiest solution is to scan the QR code with FreeOTP or Google Authenticator.
  • Each time you will open a new session, a new code will be asked
  • Don't forget to test your device before closing your session

A new secret key is generated each time you enable/disable this feature.