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Application settings

Some parameters for the application can be changed on the settings page. Only administrators can change those settings.

Go to the menu Settings, then choose Application settings on the left.

Application settings

Application URL

This parameter is used for email notifications. The email footer will contain a link to the Kanboard task.


The application language can be changed at anytime. The language will be set for all users.

Time zone

By default, Kanboard use UTC as time zone, but you can define your own time zone. The list contains all supported time zones by your web server.

Date format

Input format used for date fields, for examples the due date for tasks.

Kanboard offers 4 different formats:

  • MM/DD/YYYY (default)

The ISO 8601 format is always accepted (YYYY-MM-DD or YYYY_MM_DD).

Custom Stylesheet

Write your own CSS to override or improve Kanboard default style.