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Create tasks by email

You can create tasks directly by sending an email. This feature is available by using plugins.

At the moment, Kanboard is integrated with 3 external services:

These services handle incoming emails without having to configure any SMTP server.

When an email is received, Kanboard receive the message on a specific end-point. All complicated works are already handled by those services.

Incoming emails workflow

  1. You send an email to a specific address, for example myproject@inbound.mydomain.tld
  2. Your email is forwarded to the third-party SMTP servers
  3. The SMTP provider call the Kanboard web hook with the email in JSON or multipart/form-data formats
  4. Kanboard parses the received email and create the task to the right project


  • The Kanboard web hook is protected by a random token
  • The sender email address must match a Kanboard user
  • The Kanboard user must be a member of the project
  • Kanboard is able to convert only simple HTML emails to Markdown
  • New tasks are automatically created in the first column
  • Refer to the documentation of each plugin for the configuration