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Creating Tasks

From the board, click on the plus sign next to the column name:

Task creation from the board

Then the task creation form appears:

Task creation form

Field description:

  • Title: The title of your task, which will be displayed on the board.
  • Description: Description that use the Markdown format.
  • Tags: The list of tags associated to tasks.
  • Create another task: Check this box if you want to create a similar task (some fields will be pre-filled).
  • Color: Choose the color of the card.
  • Assignee: The person that will work on the task.
  • Category: Only one category can be assigned to a task (visible only if the projects have categories).
  • Column: The column where the task will be created, your task will be positioned at the bottom.
  • Priority: Task priority, the range can be defined in the project settings, default values are P0 to P3.
  • Complexity: Used in agile project management (Scrum), the complexity or story points is a number that tells the team how hard the story is. Often, people use the Fibonacci series.
  • Reference: External ID for the task, for example it can be ticket number that come from another system
  • Original Estimate: Estimation in hours to complete the task.
  • Time Spent: Time spent working on the task.
  • Start Date: This is a date time field.
  • Due Date: Overdue tasks will have a red due date and upcoming due dates will be black on the board. Several date format are accepted in addition to the date picker.

With the preview link, you can see the task description converted from the Markdown syntax.