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Gantt chart for tasks

The goal of this Gantt chart is to display a time based overview of the tasks for a given project.

  • The Gantt chart is available from the "view switcher"
  • Only project managers can access this section

Gantt Chart

  • The start date and the due date of tasks are used to draw the chart
  • Tasks can be resized and moved horizontally with your mouse
  • There is no vertical drag and drop
  • The bar is the same color as the task
  • Each bar display a progression status in percentage, this percentage is calculated by using the column position on the board
  • To fit with the Kanban model, tasks can be ordered by the board positions or by the start date
  • New tasks created from this view will be displayed on the board at the position 1 in the first column
  • Tasks are displayed in black when there is no start or due date defined

Task not defined