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First, check the requirements before going further.

From the archive (stable version)

  1. You must have a web server with PHP installed
  2. Download the source code and copy the directory kanboard where you want
  3. Check if the directory data is writeable by the web server user
  4. With your browser go to http://yourpersonalserver/kanboard
  5. The default login and password is admin/admin
  6. Start using the software
  7. Don't forget to change your password!

The data folder is used to store:

  • Sqlite database: db.sqlite
  • Debug file: debug.log (if debug mode is enabled)
  • Uploaded files: files/*
  • Image thumbnails: files/thumbnails/*

People who are using a remote database (Mysql/Postgresql) and a remote object storage (Aws S3 or similar) don't necessarily need to have a persistent local data folder or to change the permissions for the folder.

From the git repository (development version)

  1. git clone
  2. Go to the third step just above

Note: This method will install the current development version, use at your own risk.

Installation outside of the document root

If you would like to install Kanboard outside of the web server document root, you need to create at least these symlinks:

├── assets -> ../kanboard/assets
├── cli -> ../kanboard/cli
├── doc -> ../kanboard/doc
├── favicon.ico -> ../kanboard/favicon.ico
├── index.php -> ../kanboard/index.php
├── jsonrpc.php -> ../kanboard/jsonrpc.php
└── robots.txt -> ../kanboard/robots.txt

The .htaccess is optional because its content can be included directly in the Apache configuration.

You can also define a custom location for the plugins and files folders by changing the config file.

Other Database Types

Kanboard supports Mysql and Postgres as alternative to Sqlite.

Optional Installation


  • Don't forget to change the default user/password
  • Don't allow everybody to access to the directory data from the URL. A .htaccess file for Apache and a web.config file for IIS is included but other web servers will have to be configured manually.