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Kanban vs Todo lists and Scrum

Kanban vs Todo lists

Todo lists:

  • Single phase (just a list of items)
  • Multitasking possible (not efficient)


  • Multiple phases, each column represents a step
  • Bring focus and avoid multitasking by setting a work-in-progress limit per column

Kanban vs Scrum


  • Sprints are time-boxed, usually 2 or 4 weeks
  • Do not allow changes during the iteration
  • Estimation is required
  • Uses velocity as default metric
  • Scrum board is cleared between sprints
  • Scrum has pre-defined roles like scrum master, product owners and the team
  • A lot of meetings: planning, backlogs grooming, daily stand-up, retrospective


  • Continuous flow
  • Changes can be made at any time
  • Estimation is optional
  • Use lead and cycle time to measure performance
  • Kanban board is persistent
  • Kanban doesn't impose strict constraints or meetings; process is more flexible