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Kanboard is able to send notifications through several channels:

  • Email
  • Web (List of unread messages)

External plugins allow you to send notifications to Slack, Hipchat, Jabber or any chat system.


Each user must enable the notifications in their profile: User Profile > Notifications. It's disabled by default.

To receive email notifications you need a valid email address in your profile and the application must be configured to send emails.


You can choose your favorite notification method:

  • Emails
  • Web (see below)

For each project you are a member, you can choose to receive notifications for:

  • All tasks
  • Only for tasks assigned to you
  • Only for tasks created by you
  • Only for tasks created by you and assigned to you

You can also select only some projects, by default it's all projects where you are a member.

Web notifications

Web notifications are available from the dashboard or from the icon at the top:

Web Notifications Icon

Notifications are shown in a list, so you can mark individual notification as read or everything.

Web Notifications

In this way you can still get notified without having to receive emails.