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Board, Calendar and List Views

For each project, tasks can be visualized with several views: Board, Calendar, List and Gantt. Each view shows the result of the filter box at the top. The search engine uses the advanced syntax.

Board View

Board view

  • With this view, you can drag and drop tasks between columns easily.
  • You can also use the keyboard shortcut "v b" to switch to the board view.
  • Tasks with a shadow are recently modified.

Board Task Limit

When the task limit is reached for a column, the background becomes red. That means there are too many tasks in progress at the same time.

Learn more about board configuration

Calendar View

Calendar view

  • With this view, you can visualize tasks with a due date.
  • Depending of the settings, you can also see tasks in progress.
  • You can also use the keyboard shortcut "v c" to switch to the calendar view.
  • Learn more about calendar configuration

List View

List view

  • With this view, all results of your search are displayed in a table.
  • You can also use the keyboard shortcut "v l" to switch to the list view.

Gantt View

Gantt view

  • The Gantt view displays tasks on a horizontal timeline.
  • The start date and the due date are used to display the chart.
  • For quick access, use the keyboard shortcut: v g.

Project Overview

Project overview

  • View the description of the project.
  • Attach and upload documents to the project.
  • View list of project members.
  • View the last activities of the project.