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Recurring tasks

To fit with the Kanban methodology, the recurring tasks are not based on a date but on board events.

  • Recurring tasks are duplicated to the first column of the board when the selected events occur
  • The due date can be recalculated automatically
  • Each task records the task id of the parent task that created it and the child task created


Go to the task view page or use the drop-down menu on the board, then select Edit recurrence.

Recurring task

There are 3 triggers that currently create a new recurring task:

  • Moving a task from the first column
  • Moving a task to the last column
  • Closing the task

Due dates, if set on the current task, can be recalculated by a given factor of days, months or years. The base date for the calculation of the new due date can be either the existing due date, or the action date.