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Sharing boards and tasks

By default, boards are private, but it's possible to make a board public.

A public board cannot be modified: it has read-only access. Access is protected by a random token. Only people who have the right URL can see the board.

Public boards are automatically refreshed every 60 seconds. Task details are also available in read-only mode.

Usage examples:

  • Share your board with someone outside of your organization
  • Display the board on a large screen in your office

Enable public access

Select your project, then click on "Public access" and finally click on the button "Enable public access".

Enable public access

When public access is enabled, a couple of links are generated:

  • Public board view
  • RSS feed subscription link
  • iCalendar subscription link

Disable public access

You can also disable public access whenever you want.

Each time you enable or disable public access, a new random token is generated. The previous links will not work anymore!