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Swimlanes are horizontal separations in your board. For example, it's useful to separate software releases, divide your tasks in different products, teams or whatever you want.

Board with swimlanes


  • You can collapse swimlanes by clicking on the icon on the left
  • The default swimlane is always shown at the top

Managing swimlanes

  • All projects have a default swimlane.
  • If there is more than one swimlane, the board will show all swimlanes.
  • You can drag and drop tasks between swimlanes.

To configure swimlanes go to the project configuration page and choose the section Swimlanes.

Swimlanes Configuration

From there, you can add a new swimlane or rename the default one. You can also disable and change the position of the different swimlanes.

  • The default swimlane is always on the top but you can hide it.
  • Inactive swimlanes are not shown on the board.
  • Removing a swimlane doesn't remove tasks assigned to it, those tasks will be moved to the default swimlane.