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Kanboard 1.2.11

@fguillot fguillot released this
· 333 commits to master since this release
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Breaking Changes:

  • Internet Explorer support is now deprecated
  • Add project ID to ExternalTaskProviderInterface::fetch()

Fixes and Improvements:

  • Fixed issue of tooltip not disapearing
  • Update Docker image to Alpine Linux 3.10.2
  • Hide due date time on the card if time is 00:00
  • Add new plugin hooks in view switcher
  • Ignore Dockerfiles from git archive
  • Remove dependency on nodejs and gulp
  • Remove dependency on Sass
    • Convert *.sass files to vanilla CSS
    • Start using CSS variables
    • Add PHP minifier
  • Add link button to text editor
  • Implements check for duplicate default categories
  • Implements check for duplicate default columns
  • Fix HTML parsing in Markdown editor
  • Change checkboxes alignment in task creation form
  • Add support for reference:none
  • Fix tabindexes on task creation and modification forms
  • Add option to clone filters on project duplication
    • Fixed missing metadata option from project "create from"
    • Added option to clone project custom filters
    • Added append option to custom field tests
    • Added a test that uses the "append" option
    • Fixed disabled swimlane duplication error with Postgresql
  • Update translations
  • Save thumbnails as PNG to have transparency
  • New action to update the start date when a task move away from a column
  • Add the possibility to sort columns by due date
  • Add "identifier" beside "name" while creating a new project