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@fguillot fguillot released this Dec 16, 2019 · 4 commits to master since this release

==> This release requires at least PHP 7.2 <==

  • Adjust width of time tracking column
  • Make subtasks not wrap under icons
  • Make column scrollable in Kanban view
  • Add composer dependency roave/security-advisories
  • Add colors to tag and category lists
  • Update Parsedown to v1.7.3 (security update)
  • Make sure the elements behind the alert notification are clickable after animation
  • Make sure incompatible plugins can be uninstalled from the web ui
  • Move "data-js-lang" attribute to HTML "lang" attribute
  • Update language codes for time picker so the calendars are translated correctly
  • Dropdown in project managers view covers heading
  • Fix date picker datetime parsing when using pre-defined localized versions of am/pm
  • Show ISO date format in application settings
  • Datepicker stores its Spanish locales as "es", not "es-ES" or "es-VE"
  • Increase width of color picker to avoid text overlap in Polish
  • Close open menu when clicking again on the button
  • Fix width of filter bar in mobile
  • In PHP-7.4, nested ternary operators are to be bracketed
  • Change string indexing from {0} to [0] (deprecated in PHP 7.4)
  • Update translations
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