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Kanboard 1.2.7

@fguillot fguillot released this
· 451 commits to master since this release
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  • Write log entry on file removal
  • Auto link duplicated tasks
  • Auto link tasks duplicated to another project
  • Auto link tasks created from a subtask
  • Redirect to board view of the current task after duplication
  • Fix broken link to contributor page
  • Add automatic action for moving a task to a swimlane based on category change
  • Add automatic action to assign a category based on swimlane change
  • Add ordering comments by id along with creation date
  • Fix custom roles duplication (source and destination column_id)
  • Add locale en_GB
  • New automatic action: move the task to another swimlane when assigned
  • Disable php_uname() warning for restrictive environments
  • Add hook to board settings
  • Add method remove() to settings model
  • Add php7-bcmath to Docker image
  • Add sorting by reference in list view
  • Added priority, swimlane, and column values from parent task to task converted from subtask
  • Update translations