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Github Authentication

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Link a Github account to a Kanboard user profile.


  • Frédéric Guillot
  • License MIT



You have the choice between 3 methods:

  1. Install the plugin from the Kanboard plugin manager in one click
  2. Download the zip file and decompress everything under the directory plugins/GithubAuth
  3. Clone this repository into the folder plugins/GithubAuth

Note: Plugin folder is case-sensitive.


How does this work?

The Github authentication in Kanboard uses the OAuth 2.0 protocol, so any user of Kanboard can be linked to a Github account.

That means you can use your Github account to login on Kanboard.

How to link a Github account

  1. Go to your user profile
  2. Click on External accounts
  3. Click on the link Link my Github Account
  4. You are redirected to the Github Authorize application form
  5. Authorize Kanboard by clicking on the button Accept
  6. Your account is now linked

Now, on the login page you can be authenticated in one click with the link Login with my Github Account.

Your name and email are automatically updated from your Github Account if defined.

Installation instructions

Setting up OAuth 2.0

Setting up Kanboard

  1. The easiest way is to copy and paste the Github OAuth2 credentials in the form Settings > Integrations > Github Authentication.
  2. Or add the credentials in your custom config file


If you use the second method, use these parameters in your config.php:

// Github client id (Copy it from your settings -> Applications -> Developer applications)

// Github client secret key (Copy it from your settings -> Applications -> Developer applications)

Github Entreprise

To use this authentication method with Github Enterprise you have to change the default urls.

Replace these values by your self-hosted instance of Github:

// Github oauth2 authorize url

// Github oauth2 token url

// Github API url (don't forget the slash at the end)
define('GITHUB_API_URL', '');


Kanboard uses these information from your public Github profile:

  • Full name
  • Public email address
  • Github unique id

The Github unique id is used to link the local user account and the Github account.