An easily deployed Hubot for Kandan, running in the cloud.
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Hubot-Kandan App

An easily deployed Hubot for Kandan, running in the cloud. A regular Algonquin round table of ribaldry and wit.


You'll need the heroku gem installed with Heroku. Then:

git clone
cd hubot-kandan-app

# Add Hubot scripts to ./scripts if you want.
# Visit the [Hubot Script Catalog](
# for some cool tricks you can teach your Hubot.

# Push and scale
heroku create --stack cedar
git push heroku master --force
heroku ps:scale app=1

# *************** EDIT TO ADD YOUR VARIABLES *************** #
# Add any other config variables your extra scripts may need #
heroku config:add HUBOT_KANDAN_CHANNELS=1 HUBOT_KANDAN_HOST=kandan-host HUBOT_KANDAN_TOKEN=kandan-token 

You can get your HUBOT_KANDAN_HOST and HUBOT_KANDAN_TOKEN variables on kandanapp by clicking on App Settings while in Kandan:

Heroku will idle processes after an hour of inactivity, so the Hubot will ping itself periodically if you add the HEROKU_URL environment variable pointing to your app's instance URL:

heroku config:set HEROKU_URL=

Finally, Some scripts needs Redis to work, Heroku offers an addon called RedisToGo, which has a free nano plan. To use it run:

heroku addons:add redistogo:nano

And add the hubot-script (see section below on Hubot Scripts).

If needed, refer to the full Hubot Heroku installation instructions.

Or if you're running it elsewhere, use the rake kandan:hubot_access_key

Done! Never feel lonely again with your own robotic companion.

Optional configuration

If your Kandan app is running on a non-standard port, or using SSL, you may configure the connection with additional environment variables (be sure to add these to Heroku or wherever your Kandan Hubot app is running):


Other cloud providers

Installation instructions for other cloud providers are readily accepted, but be sure keep them as close to copy/paste as possible.

Hubot Scripts

Hubot comes with many user-contributed scripts that may be installed. To install Hubot Scripts, add the following to "dependencies" in the package.json file:

"hubot-scripts": ""

And run npm install.

Then add the names of any scripts you like from the hubot-scripts repository to the array in the hubot-scripts.json file, such as:

["", "", ""]


The staff of News Radio for their inspirational lyrics.


MIT - see LICENSE for more details

Get Involved!

That's not a question, it's an order! Or more of a friendly offer, really. Kandan is a fully open-source app, so dive in and start adding features, fixing bugs (what bugs?), and cleaning up the code.